PC Hardware Warranty Comparison Guide

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RMA / Warranty Links

Antec Antec's Warranty
AMD AMD's Warranty
ASRock ASRock's Warranty
ASUS ASUS' Warranty
Biostar Biostar's Warranty
Cooler Master Cooler Master's Warranty
Corsair Corsair's Warranty
Crucial Crucial's Warranty
ECS EliteGroup's Warranty
EVGA EVGA's Warranty
Foxconn Foxconn's Warranty
GeIL GeIL's Warranty
Gigabyte Gigabyte's Warranty
G.Skill G.Skill's Warranty
Intel Intel's Warranty
Kingston HyperX Kingston's Warranty
Noctua Noctua's Warranty
NZXT NZXT's Warranty
Mushkin Mushkin's Warranty
MSI MSI's Warranty
OCZ OCZ's Warranty
Patriot Patriot's Warranty
PC Power & Cooling PCP&C Warranty
Rosewill Rosewill's Warranty
SAPPHIRE Sapphire's Warranty
Silver Stone Silver Stone's Warranty
Thermaltake Thermaltake's Warranty
Tuniq Tuniq's Warranty
XFX XFX's Warranty
Zalman Zalman's Warranty
ZOTAC Zotac's Warranty



This guide has been pretty damn long, but its intended use was primarily as an as-needed reference manual. If there's something we missed or if you have any questions at all, please comment below or post on our forums to get them resolved. That's what we're here for!


-Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke, assistance from Michael "Mik" Mann.

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