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Today starts off with some exciting news -- especially for some old-school PC gamers: The next installment in the long-running Might & Magic franchise will be entering its second closed beta today. Titled Might & Magic: Heroes VII, the beta is open to all those who have already pre-ordered the game.

Cities: Skylines was briefly integrated into some of our 4K gaming tests, standing-in as a representation of more zoomed-out gameplay. Secretly, when not endlessly performing gaming benchmarks and testing, Cities: Skylines is one of our favorite games to actually – y'know – play.

Paradox Interactive, publisher of Cities: Skylines developer Colossal Order, recently announced the arrival of the game's first paid expansion, “After Dark.” This expansion is delivered following a slew of free content updates output by the developers, including a European Buildings aesthetics update.

Dutch game developer Noio recently partnered with Marco Bancale of Licorice to port his Flash game to iOS. Following success on the mobile platform by way of winning the Nordic Game Program, the team has made moves to bring “Kingdom” to the PC on the Unity game engine.

Kingdom is a side-scrolling kingdom management game that fuses mechanics found in Terraria and traditional city builders. The player takes control of a single King unit, who spends coin to start a small village and attract settlers; as time progresses and the King continues to invest in his growing empire, players can build castles, recruit knights and archers, and more.

Full Recap of the DOTA2 TI5 Day 3 Matches

By Published August 06, 2015 at 5:52 am

The day’s first game -- a match between Virtus Pro and compLexity Gaming -- started with some interesting draft choices. CompLexity picked up the Bristleback + Io combo that hasn’t been nearly as popular as it was last year, they also managed to get the Gyrocopter through the draft. Virtus Pro also snuck the Naga Siren into their draft, as well as taking the Razor; a hero who was incredibly popular last year, but has since fallen off. CompLexity’s draft combo seemed to be going poorly throughout the early and mid game as Virtus Pro was able to mount a significant lead. The American team, with a five man Smoke of Deceit, was able to pick off three of VP’s heroes and take Roshan. Though the game became a slugfest, it was compLexity that only barely managed to break their opponent and win the first game.

The first day of The International 2015 main event is in the books. The day broke with the announcement that the massive prize pool had broken 18 million dollars. In addition to filling Key Arena in Seattle, the event was viewed in 400 theaters across the nation and with limited television broadcast.

The first match came from the upper bracket, between Europe’s Team Empire and the Chinese LGD Gaming. Game one looked to be in Team Empire’s favor as they took a strong lead with aggressive play in the mid-game; however, LGD was able to find the cracks in Empire’s continued aggression and LGD was able to fight Team Empire all the way back to the European’s fountain, taking game one from the European team.

The upcoming release of Blood Bowl II just got a lot darker (and bit pointier) with the reveal of Dark Elves as a playable race. You can see a preview of their speed and underhanded tricks in the video trailer released by Focus Home Interactive, found below.

As The International 5 continues to march closer, Dota 2 fans are greeted by an unrelenting wave of good news. Valve sells “Compendiums” annually for $10, they offer up in-game content related to the big event. 25% of the sale of these Compendiums goes towards the prize pool for TI5. Last year set a record for an e-sports event at $10.9 million, but this year -- with weeks still to go -- they’ve broken that record with a whopping $16.5 million.

Rockstar games recently indicated through support channels that it has “received reports of lower framerate in GTA V and GTA Online after Title Update 1.28 on PC,” further stating that the company is investigating said reports.

Blizzard doesn’t want to be overlooked this week, as they’ve rolled-out the newest hero in their team-based shooter, “Overwatch.” A mix of Ethan Hunt, The Comedian, and Jason Bourne, Soldier: 76 was on old member of Overwatch before they were betrayed and sabotaged, now he’s out to defeat his enemies through stealth and guile -- two things that don’t come through in his skill set.

Our GDC 2015 interview with Sword Coast Legends developers n-space showcased the game's DM mode, which hands the reigns of dungeon management over to another player. With a few more months of development behind the game, nSpace President Dan Tudge and team have posted a few gameplay videos showcasing dungeon setup tools and gameplay.

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