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  • Corsair Continues Trend of Embarrassing “Gaming” Hardware Videos
    3 hours 53 minutes ago
  • AbdulBasiet created a new topic ' Parts for a gaming pc' in the forum.
    A friend of mine helped me select parts for a gaming PC, none of us are experts with regards to PC hardware. We would like the PC to run games like Watchdogs and the new Far Cry (which isn't out yet), quite smoothly.

    Here is a list of the parts we selected:

    The parts...
    9 hours 54 minutes ago
  • $409 Cheap Bastard's Mini-ITX Gaming HTPC Build - August, 2014
    15 hours 5 minutes ago
  • EverR18 uploaded a new avatar.
    17 hours 12 minutes ago
  • EverR18 created a new topic ' Budget $550 Steaming and Gaming Pc' in the forum.
    I was looking for expert help on building my first PC i dont know how to pick the parts and i need help my B-Day is coming up on Nov. hopeing on getting the parts for my b-day but i dont know what parts to get so i need help for a streaming/gaming pc for around 500 - 550$
    17 hours 13 minutes ago
  • $430 Cheap Bastard's Budget Gaming PC - September, 2014
  • $430 Cheap Bastard's Budget Gaming PC - September, 2014
  • $430 Cheap Bastard's Budget Gaming PC - September, 2014
  • $430 Cheap Bastard's Budget Gaming PC - September, 2014
    The OS is an extra. Especially when you have the retail version of Windows and you DON'T need to bu
  • $430 Cheap Bastard's Budget Gaming PC - September, 2014
  • Corsair H110, H90 vs. NZXT X60, X40 Liquid Cooler Round-Up
    NZXT lie about case compatibility. Their head of Tech Support has stated in an email to me they do n
  • Shadow of Mordor Preview - The Future of the Action Genre
    Anonymous wrote:
    Can't wait! One of the best previews I have read yet! Thanks
    Good stuff! I'
  • $1169 Streaming & High-End Gaming HTPC Build - May, 2014
  • Graphics Wars: AMD vs NVIDIA for Gaming
    2 days ago
  • Crash FIX: GFWL Won't Launch - Can't Play DiRT3, Batman, etc.
    hello guys , I am Create Video : How to Fix Games For Windows Live Windows 8 and 7

    see my Post
    2 days ago
  • mikagmann2 replied to the topic 'i am new, very new.' in the forum.
    First off welcome to GN! When it comes to building a gaming PC, it really comes down to your budget and needs to decide what components to select. So, how much are you going to be able to spend? What all games will you be playing or wanting to play? Will you just need the "tower" or will you also need a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse...
    2 days ago
  • Beanfart created a new topic ' i am new, very new.' in the forum.
    I have decided that I would like to build a "gaming" desktop. I am looking at amd for my board and accessories. any suggestions would be helpful
    2 days ago
  • Touring The Industry: Inside HyperX, NZXT, CyberPower, & More
    3 days ago
  • Complete Fallout 3 Graphics & Content Mod Overhaul
    I'm having a severe issue where the game crashes after about 20-30 minutes of play time. I added the
    3 days ago
  • AMD FM2+ Kaveri & APU Chipset Comparison: A88X vs. A78, A55, A85X
    Sorry just read this article today, I must say this is a great help! Question though: Will an A78 bo
    4 days ago

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