Andrew Coleman

Andrew Coleman

Video games and plants have a long, intertwined, rich history together. Actually, that’s a lie. Almost everyone would probably agree that they are completely unrelated entities altogether, and that would be mostly true; however, video games and plants do share some interesting properties that plants have had 475 million years to perfect, while video games in comparison have only had about 30 years. So to help video games evolve and become a richer medium, here is a plant’s guide to growing a better game:


Yesterday Review

in Games
Monday, 26 March 2012

During the 90s, point-and-click games exploded onto the gaming scene as a new way to experience a slowly-evolving, interactive story. Yesterday is a game that uses this style of play and brings it into the modern day; its point-and-click, story-driven mystery begs critical thinking for every situation presented - in terms of our Gaming Personalities article, the Thinker and Adventurer will feel the most direct connection with Yesterday.

yesterday-gunNote to self: Never tell a man with a gun that he has something in his nose.

Will this dark, thrilling, adventure/investigation game stump you in ways you didn’t even think possible as you approach a slowly climaxing story? Or will you feel like you’re playing a puzzle game with tacked-on drama?

NZXT Switch 810 Case Released

Sunday, 05 February 2012

We've recommended NZXT on occasion in our budget PC guides, but there's something different about this one: It's large, has room for up to 6 fans (almost all of which are 140mm), and is $170 MSRP. The NZXT Switch 810 follows a new trend in gaming case design (like the Thermaltake Snow) that brings a slick, white/black combination as an alternative to an otherwise dark selection of cases.


NZXT's Switch 810 feels like it's straight out of a Clone Trooper's bedroom -- it's clean-cut and very straightforward. You get what you see (there is a black variation, though). Here's the spec break-down:

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