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Oil Rush Review

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Saturday, 03 March 2012

Oil Rush is developed by Unigine Corp. and is self-described as "a real-time naval strategy game based on group control that combines strategic challenge of classic RTS with sheer fun of Tower Defense, and features state-of-an-art visuals." What a mouthful. You may have heard of their Heaven benchmark utility, which is fairly well-known in the benchmarking realm and has outstanding visuals.

The game takes place in a flooded world -- everyone lives on boats and the only currency, aside from bullets, is oil. The story goes that you are a unified group of people trying to fend off and destroy oil-rig-pilfering pirates. Battles take place on, you guessed it, a giant ocean that is spotted with oil rigs and unit-producing structures.


Let's delve into the specifics.

If you're not a desktop gamer (Really? Even though we just posted a $460 gaming PC build? For shame!), sometimes laptops fulfill the requirements of practicality, entertainment, and portability. With school just around the corner, it's time for gamers to go laptop shopping -- myself included.

During this time, I picked up some useful information on what to look for in a gaming laptop -- through pain of much research -- and I decided to share some of my new knowledge with you guys.

First, I need to warn you about some common problems with gaming laptops:

Bioware has released a high-resolution texture pack* for PC players of the Dragon Age 2 game. The texture pack faced a buggy launch for Steam users, as explained by Velnias of the Steam forums:

"Neither the hi-res texture pack nor the Exiled Prince nor the Black Emporium DLC will recognize the DA2 installation if you're using Steam (yes, after decryption and installation)."

In order to fix the Dragon Age 2 high-resolution texture pack, follow the steps described below:

Find out why pure domination is bursting from the platters of our hard drive in this latest budget gaming build!

The only magazine capable of relating seafaring pirates to your gaming splendor has returned, and this time, with booty. You need to hoard the cash (and the cache) for gaming excellence, and nothing is more excellent than spending a weak $498 on a new rig (for those of you getting the calculators out, that’s nine games). Time to dig up that pirate’s treasure from your backyard, let’s take a look at these parts.

APB group composition. Part 2

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

As stated previously this is for criminals only.


Group size:2

Player 1:

Primary weapon: OCA

Reasoning: This gun is unstoppable at close range and since many areas you fight in will be CQC this gun becomes a no-brainer. This player will probably complete most of the objectives with the other player covering him as this player will primarily be confined to low to mid range fighting.

Secondary weapon:S-AS 

Reasoning: This player will be doing most of the CQC fighting and will need another automatic weapon with a quick reload time if he runs out of ammo with the OCA or needs to take on multiple players at once.

Grenade: Preference


Player 2:

Primary weapon: N-tec

Reasoning: This gun is accurate enough to take out enemies at medium range with ease and has the rate of fire to rip through enemies in CQC as well. This again is all about versatility when it comes to low numbers of players in a group. The N-tec simply works well at almost every distance.

Secondary weapon: Colby RSA(revolver)/S-AS

Reasoning: The Colby will be much better at mid to long range than the S-AS, but some users will want to rely on their N-tec only for mid-range and use the S-AS if someone comes close as the N-tec's reload speed is pretty slow. This spot is a toss up and comes down to opinion for the most part though I prefer the revolver and its three shot kill.



This setup allows your group to handle most situations easily and it doesn't hurt that these are the two best weapons currently in the game due to their versatility. I have a feeling that you will start to notice a pattern in these team setups until we get to the four person group :P.

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