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Christopher Greene

It's been a while since we reviewed Divinity II, but the developers over at Larian have been hard at work on their upcoming strategy/tactical hybrid. Divinity: Dragon Commander sees a return to the known universe, but this time with the player in charge of land, sea, and air armies in strategic conflicts.


If that's not enough, the classic dragon-flight mechanics make a return to the series (and offer multiplayer), this time with more tactical objectives standing in the way of victory.

Here's a new video from the developers:

Cyanide Studio—the same team behind the Game of Thrones game, DungeonBowl, and Blood Bowl—has been hard at work on a new tactical combat game for the PC, Arklash: Legacy. This fantasy game's been underway for a while now, but we've patiently awaited more screenshots and deeper information before making any posts about it.


In a recent press release, the team explained that the "heart of Arklash: Legacy's gameplay" is tactical combat, stating:

It feels like we've been posting a good deal of Small Form Factor products lately, and as I seem to mention in each of these posts, it's all on the heels of an impending HTPC / SFF revolution. Rather than use multiple 3rd-party boxes, faster internet speeds and the proliferation of streaming have encouraged more consumers to run home entertainment from a unified PC.


Like Lian-Li and SilverStone, ASUS acknowledges this and aims to tap-in to a developing market demand for high-power, SFF video cards. They've done so by shipping the smallest GTX 670 to-date, named the ASUS GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU Mini Video Card. The new card comes complete with 2GB of on-card memory, a 256-bit memory interface, and 1344 CUDA cores, as we've come to expect from GTX 670 products.

When we met with Lian-Li at CES in January, we were presented with a series of all-aluminum cases (as the company is known for) spanning all major form factors. The range of mini-ITX/DTX form factor cases has been scarce and sporadic in both pricing and quality, but the growing HTPC interest has resulted in a boon to small form-factor products.


Alongside SilverStone, Lian-Li has made so me of the highest quality SFF cases we've seen to-date; the prices have generally been attainable, if a bit high, but cramming traditional mATX/ATX features into a smaller box tends to result in such price hikes. Lian-Li has now officially announced the release date of its PC-Q30 mini-ITX HTPC case, noteworthy for its angular shape and front-facing glass.

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