Dave Horvath

Dave Horvath

Samsung continues to branch into the many different electronics fields and has opted to update its line of SD cards with new, shiny models.


Ranging from 2GB to 32GB, the new Class 7 (7MB/s write; 24MB/s read) SDHC and Micro SD cards will be available with brushed metal aesthetics to bring a bit of pizzazz to your mobile memory needs. Granted, SD cards are normally tucked away and out of sight.

Trying to secure its presence in the newly-crowded tablet market, Samsung has unveiled an interesting new device to the market.

Dubbed a "smart notebook crossover PC," Samsung is showing off a new form factor in the PC/ultrabook market, the "slate form factor," and says they will target educators as well as business-to-business communications with this device.


Coming to the market from Taiwan is a new budget-minded tower from the company Lancool. The PC-K56N is part of Lancool's Dragonlord series and is a full ATX tower supporting some competent features for a case of this class.

Lancool PC-K56N-slider

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