FJ Ybarra

FJ Ybarra

It's time to showcase Intel's new 3rd Generation "Ivy Bridge" processors. In order to properly commemorate their release, we've decided to incorporate an Ivy Bridge CPU into this less-than-$1000 PC build. The Sandy Bridge line is still one of the most powerful CPU sets to-date, but Ivy Bridge's additions are perfect for those who skipped Sandy Bridge or are enthusiast builders. This system won't have any trouble playing games on max or near-max settings. Period.

Looking for something more affordable? Try out our $487 budget build from last month!


Here's the parts list --

Welcome to another edition of GN's monthly gaming PC builds! In March 2012's budget gaming PC build, we put together a powerful, elegant, yet cheap system which will aid you budget gamers in your quest to conquer the cyber world. Our previous build was built for those with a bit more cash, so if you have around $900 to spend, check this one out.


Let's have at it! Here's our $550 gaming pc build:

It's been a while since we posted a high-end build, well, other than the $3000+ one, and we figured some of you enthusiasts were itching to look at another hardcore PC gaming build. Our "Hardcore" builds are designed for those who want to get the best graphics and performance possible and at the same time have enthusiast-grade components -- these normally fall within the range of $700 - $1200.

We kick-started the year by adding a few new columns, an awesome budget build, and a guide that helps you learn how to build a gaming computer, which you can read here. Check it out, it may help you in the future. Additionally, you may want to check out our guide on how to cut corners when building a gaming PC, which will save you a nice amount of money.


Without further ado, let's look at this beast:

With all of the builds that we pump out here at GN, like our excellent $558 build i3-2120 gaming build, we've had a lot of you ask how we manage to consistently pick out unique deals. As part of our "How to Build a Gaming PC" guide, this article covers the "cutting corners" aspect of PC building. As much as we'd like to lay claim to some sort of book of secrets about hardware, it's truly as simple as knowing our way around websites, knowing what old hardware can be recycle/salvaged/cannibalized from an old PC, and finding creative methods to hack the price.


With the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic getting closer, here at GN we have decided to prepare two builds for our awesome readers: a Jedi-themed build and a $430 budget Sith-themed rig. This build is designed to run SW:TOR and other games, like Battlefield 3 and Skyrim, at max or near-max settings while still retaining future-proof options, a sleek exterior, and upgradability.


Come to the Light Side, we have the winning team. Forget Vader and his minions -- the third movie sort of ruined Anakin for us, anyway. Come chill with Luke and Obi. And Jar-Jar.

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