Keegan Gallick

Keegan Gallick

With Day 2 of MLG's Summer Arena for StarCraft 2 now firmly underway, we've summed up the most interesting matches from yesterday and posted them for you below! Catch up on the weekend's festivities with this Day 1 Recap -- and if you're not sure who to pull for, check out our Top8 predictions!


After looking at the top- and bottom-brackets for this weekend's SC2 MLG Summer Arena, we dug through the round 1 lineup and suggested which matches were most worth watching; with those matches soon kicking off, it's time to get some predictions online. Will Stephano take the price? Can aLive make his comeback? We dig into the questions below.


MLG's StarCraft 2 Summer Arena starts Friday, July 20th, at 4:30PM, with the first round presenting 16 matches. While I have no doubt that we'll see some epic games, at the end of day there's only a handful of matches I've got my eye on. Here's what we'll be watching closely and why -- remember, if you miss any matches, we'll update you with upsets and turn-arounds that are worth knowing about.

View the full Summer Arena brackets here.


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