Martin Baker

Martin Baker

The Baconing Review

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Wednesday, 07 September 2011

Six pieces of underwear? At the same time?!? Imagine the chafing!!

Imagine a world where if you put the wrong underwear on, or put on too much underwear, the whole world would be invaded by part-machine, part-orc ("Cyborques") creatures from gods only know where. Well, that's the terrible fact that DeathSpank awoke to discover one morning after a brief stint of boredom. The Baconing follows Hothead Games' hilarious entries into the DeathSpank series of games (DeathSpank and DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue), catching up with a DeathSpank that's seriously in need of something to do after all that justice delivery he's been up to. Players are given the task, once again, of hacking and questing their way to the ultimate showdown with the Anti-Spank. Nothing could possibly go wrong...right?

The Baconing Screenshot 1Cyborques, roll out!!!

Limbo Review

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Where's the pole and Hawaiian music? I was told Limbo. I've got my awesome shirt on and everything.

When I saw Limbo for the first time I was very skeptical. Yes it was a side scrolling platformer, a type of game which I'd been fond of ever since I can remember, but it looked like a game that a programmer had designed, meaning that the art style wasn't really anything to write home about. That being said, I downloaded the game and figured I'd give it the minutes it was worth -- I was shocked, though: if ever there were a game that single-handedly changed the face of an entire genre, it's Limbo. If there were a game that is both visually interesting and enjoyable to play, it's Limbo. If there's a game that will always make me wish it had "just one more level," it's Batman: Arkham Asylum. Also Limbo. And Super Meat Boy.

Video Game Tester. The job title alone conjures up images in most people of the perfect job where people sit in a room (that looks just like their living room), eating junk food, and bad-mouthing people over Xbox LIVE all day (alternatively, the facebook ads would lead you to believe that all game testers are twenty-something females). In reality that's the life of someone who actually does play video games all day which, despite what people may say to me when I tell them what I do for a living, is not the life of an actual video game tester. What it really entails is hours and hours of loading, playing (often for a very short amount of time, depending how far along the development cycle the game you're testing is) and crashing, loading the game up again and trying to reproduce the bug so that a series of concise steps and a general bug report can be written.

Revenge of the Titans Review

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

If revenge is a dish best served cold, then put on your Sunday finest. It's time to feast!

If there's one thing we've had a lot of over the past couple of years it's tower defence games, we've had them on the PC, on our consoles, and even our mobile devices. Some of them are terrible iterations of the style of game that we've grown to love and some of them are shining examples of what games can be when a little bit of thought is put into their creation. Amazing things can be accomplished when just a little bit of design philosophy is applied to an already established video game genre.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the skies...

Since the dawn of video games there have been top-down vertical shooters. We've grown up playing and loving them, and that love will probably never stop. Video games have obviously advanced quickly over the years with the introduction of 3D graphics, among other things, but one device of which you can be certain is that developers will continue making the same style of games we all loved all that long time ago: the kind where you're looking down on your character and wondering what bully or teacher made him into such a badass before going back to slaughtering aliens.


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