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Martin Baker

Today is a joyous day for those of you that loved last year's spaceship-crawling, run-n-gunning hit Alien Breed: Evolution for Xbox Live Arcade or this year's Alien Breed: Impact for Playstation Network and Steam. Screw that, it's even a great day for anyone that just likes run-n-gun shooters. Team 17 have officially announced the next episode in their ongoing Alien Breed franchise, dubbed Alien Breed 2: Assault.

Worms: Reloaded Review

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nothing brings me back to my childhood faster than some well-placed dynamite to the face. Aaah. Good times. Worms. Starting out as the pipe dream of a single game designer, Andy Davidson, those little smart mouths have squirmed a long way in fifteen years. From publishing and development via Team17, all the way to capturing the imagination and free time of just about every PC gamer for the past decade and a half.



Out of the multitude of things announced at E3 this year, I had been prepared for most of them. That 'impact factor' is lost when we know a game is going to be shown, because there is almost always a leaked video leading up to it. One game that I really wasn't expecting was another iteration of the Driver franchise. So when Driver: San Francisco was announced, I was almost literally floored.

Our franchise milking friends over at Activision have announced the newest in their line of Guitar Hero rhythm games, and the title almost has a hint of Jack Black in it - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

As has become tradition, a new guitar controller has been planned for release alongside the game, but it's more than just a guitar - it's your weapon and livelihood. The player can change the shape of the guitar, customizing it to fit your personal Warrior of Rock. You think you know Guitar Hero? Watch this trailer and tell me if it's what you expected.

The second episode of Team 17's original sci-fi shooter, Alien Breed, is now available worldwide via Steam. Alien Breed is a rework of the Amiga classic sci-fi game from 1991.

Prices for Impact are as follows, depending on region:

UK - £12.99
Steam Euro zone 1 - €14.99
Steam Euro zone 2 - €11.25
US - $14.99

Here's a trailer to wet your appetite for alien face shooting:

We're the bearers of good news, and to prove that, we're here to inform you that you can now team up with a friend and play co-operatively via Steam. Surely there's nothing better than filling one of those slimy aliens full of holes with a friend.

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