Michael Mann

Michael Mann

Demonic, unsightly evil lurks just around the corner; our dungeons are soaked in vile, red and black blood -- splattered from wall-to-wall and dripping down from levels above -- and emit the stench of slaughtered minions and, as a bonus, overheating components. If Diablo can't kill you, he'll settle for the system.

Those Tyrael sympathizers over in the $2000 Enthusiast Arch Angel Build should know their place; they will succumb to Diablo's might, if we have anything to say about it. There can only be one survivor in this PC build duel!


Welcome to another monthly installment of our budget gaming PC builds! Last month we posted our ‘$437 Cheap Bastard’s build,’ so now it’s time for something a slight bit more powerful. For just under $500, you should be able to play most games out at high settings (with the exception of Battlefield 3, for which we’d recommend this build).


Like we always say, all you really need to build your own rig is a screwdriver. That said, let’s check out what goodies we have for you this month:

These budget gaming PC builds get a lot of interest, it seems -- and for good reason! Learning how to build a gaming PC is exceedingly easy, and these budget builds, or in this case, the Cheap Bastard's build, make great first systems and will still play most games on high settings, with a few medium setting games thrown in the mix. Have no fear! We at GN are here to help you build a powerful system at low cost. Just remember to comment below with any questions whatsoever, or post in our hardware forums for extensive help.


If you have a little extra cash lying around, we've also listed a few good alternatives to each part. This build is aimed for the gamer who has around $450 to spend, so if you have another $100 in your pocket, check out the $550 Budget Gaming PC Bulldozer Build.

We put this build together trying to find the lowest pre-rebate cost possible, and I think we did a great job. Check out the parts!

Antec has proven to be a trusted company when it comes to quality gaming cases for years running now. With the recent arrival of their newest case, dubbed the "One," Antec is venturing into the budget arena with this new case (Have more money? Check NZXT's larger Switch 810). The One looks very familiar to the popular Three Hundred Two case, just a bit smaller and more affordable.


Coming in just under the $60 dollar mark, this case should be a good fit for anyone looking to build a custom PC on a tight budget. If that's new territory to you, check out our how-to guide for building gaming PCs.

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