A New Piece

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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Regarding my academic composition career, I was happy to find out that a trumpeter...trumpetist...trumpeteer?...was interested in playing a custom written piece.  The other pieces of mine that were supposed to be played this semester got delayed till next year for some reason or another, so I decided to just postpone them till I hold my first composition recital.  This was fine except for the fact that none of my pieces would be played until then.  However, a friend of mine showed interest in a piece so I wrote a short baroque style piece and named it "Hive Mind," simply because that's what it reminded me of.  The performance is this Friday.  At the moment I'm just waiting to see if the instrumentalists I recruited will be able to pull it off by then....

And it Begins

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Monday, 05 April 2010

What exactly "it" is, I'm not entirely sure.  I first joined this site just to rate games I had played and get a better view at games before I decided to buy them.  However, once I had completed my profile information I realized that this site could prove as a door opener for other possibilities in my future.

Until recently my sole production in music composition had been educational and recreational.  I write etudes, solos, and ensemble pieces for practice, study, competition, and leisure.  I hadn't considered any other purpose until a friend came to me with a job: to write a short jingle for the starting campus video-news program.  I set to work right away and wrote a good-ol fashion rhythmic and driving 15 second news intro complete with a big quartal build at the end to introduce the speaker.  I and the person who had commissioned me were happy with it, but when I viewed the final product I was extremely disappointed.  The person who had hired me (for no money, mind you) wasn't involved in the final editing so only a fraction of the "jingle" was used, and it wasn't even well cut so it started abruptly and didn't lead into the content of the episode at all.  I can't use this experience on my resume, I can't claim that I wrote the music for the program, and I am out several hours of hard work-time (that should have been spent studying).  However, this experience, despite its seeming failure, opened my eyes to a different spectrum of possibilities for my music.  I could write music for movies, commercials, games, or other projects.

Whether or not this site actually proves to be useful for such a ridiculous idea remains to be seen; however, I hope it doesn't remain unseen for much longer.

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