Amidst all the excitement of EA/Respawn's Titanfall (benchmarks here, crash fixes here, PC build here), it seems that Battlefield 4 is trying to be unforgotten. On the 13th, DICE launched yet another patch for BF4 that will hopefully stabilize the game enough for the DLC that's coming out on the 18th (coincidentally around when the Titanfall beta ends). Since launching in October, EA has been continuously hounded for the disappointment that was Battlefield 4.


Valve announced today the Beta for Steam Tags, a new way to help players discover products. The player community and game developers now have the ability to tag games with genres, themes, and attributes.


Tags will only appear on games if a certain amount of other users have also applied that tag to a product, reducing the chance of flooding products with countless irrelevant tags. If you can't think of a tag, but agree with one that already exists, you can reapply those tags. Also, if you were thinking of tagging something less-than-friendly, swear words are automatically filtered out and will not appear.

Right then. We'll see how long that lasts.

Titanfall is a highly-anticipated FPS mech game with a set release date of March 11, 2014. With all the excitement around Respawn Entertainment's first game—the studio founded by Infinity Ward's evicted Jason West and Vince Zampella—we decided to gather as much information about Titanfall as possible to share with you.


Whether you're new to the game entirely or already excited about it, this Titanfall intro & gameplay preview tells you everything we know about the game so far, including information on the weapons, maps, and most importantly, the Titans.

NVidia recently announced its (re-)commitment to shipping with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, noting that the game will now be included for free with purchases of GeForce GTX 660 or higher SKU video cards.

BenQ announced their new monitors at CES 2014 today, featuring NVIDIA's G-Sync technology. The 24-inch XL2420G and the 27-inch XL272OG join BenQ's XL gaming monitor series and feature new ‘RevolutionEyes’ technology.


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