Patrick Lathan

Patrick Lathan

We've been busy with PAX here at GamersNexus for the past weeks, but now the team is back and it's time to catch up on some peripheral reviews. First in line is a mouse—and it isn't Logitech this time (but you should also check out our Logitech roundup)—no, this time it's the Genius DeathTaker. Just let that name sink in for a moment.


Genius is the brand name of KYE Systems Corporation, a Taiwanese company with a focus on general computer peripherals; they make just about everything, ranging from drawing tablets, to mouse pads, to speakers, to mice, and they've recently begun exploring the PC gaming space with their new GX Gaming lineup. The DeathTaker is part of their GX Gaming devices (so is the Gila - be sure to keep an eye out for a review soon) and has been labeled as an "MMORPG/RTS Gaming Laser Mouse," although it's not tailored to those two genres exclusively, or at all: it's more of a jack of all trades.

This article aims to review Genius' DeathTaker MMO/RTS gaming mouse, talk about its pros/cons, execution, and overall performance in gaming.

There was a recent burst in demand from our community (that's you guys) to cover more gaming peripherals—keyboards, mice, headsets, the works—and start reviewing the options out there. Following-up with our video production rig, which endeavored to detail some great audio peripherals, this review signifies the impending publication of several new mouse & keyboard reviews.


For the past several weeks I've had the opportunity to play around with a couple of high-end gaming mice sent in to GamersNexus, including today's Logitech G600; this Logitech G600 gaming mouse review will look at its features, value for MMO gamers, and talk about serious button enthusiasm.

Kingston Digital has just claimed the title of world’s largest flash drive for their DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB3.0 drive. The drive is currently available in 512GB, though they plan to have a 1TB model for sale later this quarter—that’s as large as the HDD I’m using now.


Although the size is the main feature, there are some other specs to look at:

For those in the market for a clean, simple case design, the Define XL R2 is here from Fractal Design. Using a feature called ModuVent, Fractal Design seeks to find the ideal balance between cooling, noise, and having a case that looks like an Ikea coffee table.


A new trailer (below) is out for Futuremark Corporation's "Fire Strike" benchmark, part of the next 3DMark edition which is to be released before the end of 2012. Fire Strike is just one benchmark of three, and was created to stress DirectX 11-level hardware to its limits, even anticipating future advancements in technology and graphics.


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