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Patrick Lathan

NVidia's third quarter fiscal report for 2012 is out, and things are looking good: Their revenue is up 15.3% from last quarter, for a record total of $1.20 billion. NVidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang claims that this is due to the success of the Kepler GPU and recent Tegra iterations.


New developments in AMD's plans for 2013 have become apparent, thanks to a roadmap leaked by the Turkish site Donanim Haber. If this slide is accurate, the first thing you'll notice is the eerie lack of Steamroller, intended to be Piledriver's successor, which points to another delay; Piledriver cores will remain the foundation for the 2013 generation of AMD x86 desktop processors, though new chips will also be released in the Trinity line (with upgraded integrated graphics chips) and Brazos platform, the low-power option for netbooks.


Gigabyte has revealed the next in its "FORCE" line of high-end gaming peripherals: the Force M7 Thor gaming mouse. With a 6000 DPI laser sensor, it should work well for twitch-gaming applications and Ultra-HD resolution displays (3840x2160).


ASRock's latest Z77 Extreme11 motherboard looks like they're selling wreckage from an alien ship. They've come one step closer to facilitating the full potential of decked-out SSD RAID arrays and stacks of GPUs.


If you've decided you actually need a Z77 chipset, ASRock is happy to oblige. Here's what they have to offer:

In a recent press release, AMD announced their "Never Settle" bundle, which includes a 20% off coupon for Medal of Honor: Warfighter Deluxe Edition and free game codes for Far Cry 3, Hitman: Absolution, and Sleeping Dogs with the purchase of select video cards. In addition to this, AMD has released their "Never Settle" improvement for the AMD Catalyst suite and their drivers.


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