Patrick Stone

Patrick Stone

Rosewill is known for producing budget-friendly cases like the R5 and Armor Evo, and at this year’s CES they showed off an entire suite full of cases. The array of cases offered all have an expected release date of Q2 2014. As we arrived we were greeted by three new mid-tower gaming cases (seen in the video) and a full line-up of brushed aluminum and steel Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX cases. In this post we’ll focus on the newest mid-tower gaming cases, and drop a few mentions on the other offerings that were presented.


We bring you good news from the Intel booth at CES – except instead of pure Intel content, it’s actually an update from Gigabyte in relation to Steam machines. Exhibited at Intel’s booth at CES 2014, Gigabyte’s new Steam machine is the next step in the evolution of what Intel references as the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) – which we first broke news on at PAX East 2012. Intel Product Marketing Engineer Mark Chang explained the relationship between Intel and its partners like this: Intel builds reference board designs like the NUC and then the manufacturers take the models and get creative. While this Gigabyte product, dubbed the “Brix Pro,” isn’t brand new, seeing it running SteamOS and DotA2 flawlessly was new to us.


ASUS announced the latest additions to their monitor line-up at CES 2014 today -- the ROG Swift PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor and the PB287Q 4K Monitor.


There's been a bit of localized interest in case modding since we posted our introductory guide with BS Mods & Rod Rosenberg a while back. The fact is that case modding is an incredibly rewarding, easy-to-get-into avenue to give your PC unique charm.

cm-case-mods-1An upcoming case mod by user Corsaronero333.

Case, cooling, & power manufacturer Cooler Master hosts a mod competition every year, and this year's event spots $20,000 in computer hardware prizes. Modders have until October 31st to sign up on the CM forum, where they'll be keeping a build log for their progress. Images and descriptors must accompany the thread as the build progresses.

This weekend sees the arrival of several Columbus-day-discounted items from most online retailers. Given the current deals on computer hardware, we were able to find a PSU, motherboard, 650 Ti Boost video card, 128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD, and Corsair Carbide case on sale.


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