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Patrick Stone

Finding the right keyboard to fit your gaming style is no simple task, but we'll assert that when you find the right one, you'll know it – it immediately clicks. Heh. In a gamer's search for the perfect peripheral, you'll discover that there are really two different categories of devices readily available on the market:


If you've ever just wanted to grab something inside your display and rip it out of its virtual existence, you may be Intel's newest fan: at CES 2013, Intel was demonstrating the development of what they've dubbed Perceptual Technology (in coordination with Creative). Perceptual Technology input asks you to think about PC interactions differently and more naturally, although the new interactions feel abstract to experienced desktop users. No longer are you limited to the keyboard and mouse – with PT, users are given the tools to manipulate any compatible application with hand gestures, facial expressions, and eye-tracking.


While at this booth we were quite literally able to throw a companion cube from Portal 2 with the flick of a wrist, and I must admit that it was somewhat satisfying. Here’s a rough demo video we shot – the audio is unimportant (just background noise from the convention), but it should give a relative idea of how the thing works.

Zalman's nickel-plated copper air coolers have been one of the most attractive units on the market for some time now – sleek, gray/black, and still copper. It works well in gaming and enthusiast systems, to be sure. The 9900 Max and 9900 DF are great examples that compete with other equally-sharp designs, like the Tuniq Tower 120 or CM T812.


Corsair’s newest-announced line of products, wirelessly accessible portable storage, will take shape in the form of the Voyager Air, their first USB3.0 portable storage drive that also doubles as a NAS. As we did with the 900D, we had the chance to get some hands-on preview time with the Corsair Voyager Air – below is what we thought.


Despite accusing online retailers of being a bit overzealous with their "Black November" approach to what was once a one-weekend sale, there are numerous legitimately good deals out on the web for gaming hardware that should be taken advantage of. Black Friday prices on SSDs, video cards, RAM, even CPUs can easily knock off hundreds of bucks on higher-priced gaming rigs.

In the spirit of spending money—because we needed an excuse to do more of that—we've assembled this "hardcore" DIY gaming PC using only Black Friday deals, which prices it out to a very reasonable $1083.


We also have an Enthusiast / Workstation build and Cheap Bastard / Budget build going online this weekend, so keep an eye out for those if you're looking to spend more or less, respectively.

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