Topre Switches

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Topre Switches

Topre switches use a spring and a rubber dome to make a low-force, tactile, and quiet switch. The spring is inside the rubber dome and is cone shaped. The rubber dome in the switch provides most of the resistance and tactile feel. When the spring in the switch is compressed, a capacitive sensing component on the keyboard senses the key press during actuation, which results in the switch being activated.

There is little variance in design of Topre switches, but one interesting variance is in stems. For example, the Cooler Master Novatouch TKL uses Topre switches with a Cherry MX/Kailh stem, allowing for more easily replaceable keycaps, since finding Topre stem keycaps isn’t very easy. Regular Topre stems are circular which, as said, is hard to find replacement keycaps for. Topre switches are more rare than Cherry MX/Kailh switches and are usually at higher prices. Topre switches, while oftentimes referred to as mechanical switches, are technically hybrid capacitive switches.

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Author: Michael Kerns

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