Cherry MX Switches

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Cherry MX Switches

Cherry MX switches are some of the most common mechanical switches today. It should be noted that Kailh also manufactures Razer Switches and Cherry clones. All Cherry & Kailh switches use a spring in conjunction with a stem that lowers when pressed. When pressed, the stem pushes two contacts to touch, completing a circuit.

Cherry MX/Kailh switches are generally louder than rubber dome switches, but quieter than buckling spring switches. Cherry MX/Kailh switches use a cross looking stem, and finding replaceable keycaps is quite easy. Cherry MX/Kailh’s switches do vary in tactility, actuation force, and loudness depending on what design they use. For example, blue switches have a tactile bump, and a click, whereas brown switches only have a bump.

Cherry MX Colors, Comparison, & Differences

Color Actuation Behavior Actuation Force
Super Blacks
(spacebar switch, EOL)
Linear 150cN
(spacebar switch, EOL)
Linear 80cN
Black Linear 60cN
Red Linear 45cN
Light Gray Tactile 80cN
Clear Tactile 55cN
Brown Tactile 45cN
Light Gray
(spacebar switch, EOL)
Clicky 105cN
White Clicky 85cN
Green Clicky 80cN
Blue Clicky 50cN

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Author: Michael Kerns

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