Kailh Switches

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Kailh Switches

Cherry MX & Kailh switches are some of the most common mechanical switches today. It should be noted that Kailh also manufactures Razer Switches and Cherry clones. All Cherry & Kailh switches use a spring in conjunction with a stem that lowers when pressed. When pressed, the stem pushes two contacts to touch, completing a circuit.

Cherry MX/Kailh switches are generally louder than rubber dome switches, but quieter than buckling spring switches. Cherry MX/Kailh switches use a cross looking stem, and finding replaceable keycaps is quite easy. Cherry MX/Kailh’s switches do vary in tactility, actuation force, and loudness depending on what design they use. For example, blue switches have a tactile bump, and a click, whereas brown switches only have a bump.

Kailh Switch Colors, Comparison, & Differences

Color Actuation Behavior Actuation Force
Black Linear 60cN
(previously yellow)
Linear 50cN
Brown Tactile 55cN
Blue Clicky 60cN

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Author: Michael Kerns

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