Write Amplification Factor

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Write Amplification Factor

Write Amplification Factor (WAF) is a multiplier applied to data during write operations. WAF is the factor by which written data is amplified (can be negatively amplified, or compressed) when performing the operation. Writing data to an SSD actively "kills" the SSD by using up some of its Program/Erase cycles. Many controller manufacturers will implement methodologies by which data is written to a factor of <1.0, meaning data is compressed during the write to cause less damage to the drive's endurance.

Write Amplification Factor SSD


By way of example, a WAF of 1.05 would multiply the data written to the device 1.05 times, so 1000MB would = effectively 1050MB. This wears down the NAND at a faster rate than a device with a WAF of 0.95.

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Author: Steve Burke

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