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A glossary of power supply terminology (PSU) that aims to define the most important parts of PSU technology.

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Voltage Regulation

Voltage regulation is how well a PSU responds to load fluctuation in terms of how voltage adapts to these changes. A PSU will have the 12v, 5v, and 3.3v rails all fluctuating in voltage levels depending on the load and temperature of the PSU.

Author: Michael Kerns
Voltage Ripple

Voltage ripple is small amounts of voltage fluctuation in a short period of time. Voltage ripple is measured peak-to-peak (waves) and usually usually reported in mV. Voltage ripple varies across rails, and both temperature and load impact voltage ripple.

Author: Michael Kerns
Voltage Switch

Different regions have differing AC voltages (from wall outlets). The United States and a few other countries use ~120v, whereas the rest of the world mostly uses ~220v.

Author: Michael Kerns

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