Sheth and Destiny Stream For Charity

By Published September 14, 2011 at 3:02 am

Twenty-four hours can be a long time - especially when the topic has anything to do with the Zerg race. A twenty-four-hour charity drive is being hosted by two great Zerg players -- Shawn "Sheth" Simon and Steven "Destiny" Bonnell II -- who are ambitiously striving to raise $20,000+ within the ensuing hours. Liquid TLO did a 24 hour livestream event as well, and seems to be the one that started this trend by donating all of the proceeds to Doctors without Borders


Steven and Shawn are two StarCraft II pro gamers; Sheth is one of the new additions to Team Liquid and the most mannered player out there, meanwhile Steven, although currently team-less, streams every day for a couple of hours, usually averaging four to eight-thousand viewers. These guys are doing something great for the StarCraft II community and they are doing something awesome for the whole world!

Support them in  their attempt to donate money to these well-deserving charities; not only does it give gamers and e-sports a good name, but it helps spread the wealth to those that need it most. If you do get a chance, check them out. They do this out of their own good will. There are only a couple of hours left, so get involved now!

To visit Steven's stream go to:

To visit Sheth's stream go to:

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