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The gaming industry is versatile-yet-volatile, expansive-yet-inclusive, and most of all, mobilizing for users across all platforms; openly stating one's allegiance -- even mere preference -- toward a particular platform or series almost assuredly results in an indignant assault on character and gaming credibility, depending on the environment and encompassing community. Gaming culture, as we've analyzed previously, remains a challenge to explain to "outsiders," but one thing's for sure: We have just as much infighting as any other impassioned way of life (virtual or not).

The question, then, is whether or not these frivolous allegiances are detrimental or supplemental to gaming culture.

gn-toon-pc-v-xboxYOU... SHALL NOT... PWN!

With all the talk whirling around voxel games like Cube World, a self-described Zelda-Minecraft hybrid, and Castle Story, a voxel RTS, we've been asked numerous times to explain what voxels are and what their implication is on future games. To do that, let's start by better understanding the commonplace approach to game graphics: polygons.


Members of the Gamers Nexus team will unanimously agree on one thing: We get bored of games faster than companies can make them. It's a problem we've opted to call "game burnout," and has side effects of empty wallets, rivers of tears, and wasted gigabytes. Thought Skyrim was good? Twenty hours was enough for me. Liked Battlefield 3? Eh, it was all the same after eighteen hours.

steves-shelf-of-games-gn1991-2012 of games on my wall is enough to set some high standards.

It started out slow, as it always does: Additional package contents began disappearing from the formerly large, cardboard, game display boxes; manuals were assumed wasteful and largely unread, bombastic displays were phased out by cheaper, smaller, more flimsy plastic variations, and then the new generation of consoles hit the shelves. That key point in relatively recent history, alongside many other notable milestones of degradation, marked the top of the slippery slope that we, as a global audience, opted to venture down.

60-dollar-game-slider(Yes, I know EQ had a monthly subscription - I liked the box art.)

Imagine an expansive, randomly-generated atmosphere that is flooded with unique creatures, troves of hostile warriors, snot-leaking giants, villages, and fantastical environments with massive trees, waterfalls, and the like. A place to explore and conquer - to quest and customize your gear, build homes, and work with NPCs.

cube-world-sliderMy fond memories of Frogloks have returned!

Sometimes, despite the stigma associated with them, it's fun to figure out which stereotype is linked to our gaming play styles. Besides being sort of fun and self-indulgent, it's also a fantastic way of figuring out which games you might like and which you're likely to get bored of rapidly.


The Do's and Don'ts of Scary Games

By Published January 02, 2012 at 6:04 am

I've recently seen a trend in many horror games: They aren't scary... granted, this trend is scary in itself. This has been a problem ever since Resident Evil 4's launch back in 2005 and has only continued to get worse. In effort to help developers presently working on a horror title, such as Vivec Entertainment's upcoming Shadow of a Soul, I've compiled a list of "the Do's and Don'ts" to help ensure people playing your game will never be able to sleep again. It's been a while since our previous 'Fear of the Dark' article, so it's time to dive back in!

dead-space-flamethrowerNote to self: keep personal flamethrower within arm's reach at all times.

Trine 2's Prettiest Locations

By Published December 21, 2011 at 2:21 pm

The original Trine overwhelmed us with its gameplay, music, and visuals so thoroughly that it took away the Indie Game of the Year award in '09, and now Trine's back with its magnificent sequel: Trine 2.


Aside from showcasing the best usage of 3D Vision (check out the 3D Vision version of this article here, if you want to see the 3D screenshots) we've seen to-date, Trine 2 has phenomenal "2D" graphics to accompany its fantastical locations and immersive gameplay. Our review is forthcoming, but we thought we'd share screenshots of the most gorgeous locations in Trine 2 with everyone. Enjoy.

Following up with our regular version of Trine 2's Prettiest Locations, we now offer you our 3D Vision variation! Note that you need to have Nvidia's 3D Vision kit (which we reviewed here) in order to view these screenshots properly.

As we've stated before: this is the most impressive game we've seen in 3D Vision to-date, and the original Trine was a major showcase element for 3D Vision's initial launch, so it's no surprise.

Images embedded from Nvidia's 3D Vision Live site, enjoy!

The following is what will be an ongoing journal from my character's perspective from my journeys in Skyrim; I have elected to play the game in what I've dubbed 'hardcore mode,' with the following restrictions:

  • No fast traveling allowed.
  • If I die, I make a new character (this forces me to play VERY carefully).
  • No leveling up unless within a town.
  • I will not use my map.
  • I will stay in first-person (unless to admire myself).

In this week's journal, our hero is attacked by a nomadic group of bandits crossing the plains, and nearing death's end, he has an unexpected savior (and a very, very large one at that). This log will be updated every Saturday.

draugr-journal-w1Go for the eyes, Boo!

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