Fray Preview: The Cyberpunk Strategy Game

By Published March 10, 2012 at 1:06 pm

I found myself surrounded by baleful megacorporations, each hell-bent on commanding the eternal subservience of lowly "users" worldwide -- a world enshrouded in darkness and soiled by the sins of consumerism, blood, and meritocratic ideology.

Then I started up Fray.

Dystopian societies have long been a fascination among gamers with piqued interests in the future of technology, politics, and their eventual intermingling; there's something morbidly entertaining about a future where capitalism reigns weightily, using its exploitative methodologies and gains of questionable sources to re-educate and optimize the citizenry for a lifetime of drone-like labor (wait - did I say "future?"). Taking to the streets isn't an option -- no, there are far too many cameras and "citizen protection forces" afoot. If action is to be taken in a cyberpunk setting, it must be done digitally and through use of technological loopholes. They can put guards on every corner, but cumbersome megacorps can never keep up with skilled hackers (queue Sam Flynn on lightcycle).


Digitanks Preview

By Published October 20, 2010 at 10:55 am

The graphics of Tron, the hilarious-yet-dorky aspirations of War Games, and a wave of indie innovation coalesce into a classic artillery-styled game by Lunar Workshop. Digitanks is all about careful placement of tanks and artillery in turn-based play, inevitably advancing to a game of hilltop supremacy: get in position, fortify your squadron, and rain pixilated balls of light down upon the opposition. Artillery games of the past stopped there, offering little more than an arcade battlefield for two passer-bys; Digitanks adds an expected level of strategy by enabling the construction and research of computer hardware-themed structures and upgrades. A few fancy buildings won't bring many artillery veterans back to the scene, although the gameplay just might.

Aion Online Preview

By Published August 03, 2009 at 11:47 pm

Soul theft, although a common side effect of playing MMOs, was not enough to deter me from trying out Aion Online.  So many ads, so much hype - but is Aion really what it is amped up to be? At first glance, Aion seems like an advanced version of Ragnarok Online, well, before they started making everyone pay to play.  The game is built around two stereotypical races vying for control of the land.



The races are not unknown to us though, and the battle bears striking resemblance to a classic Angels versus Demons match off, fighting over what would be earth. The Angels, otherwise known as the Eylos, and the Demons, or the Asmodians, each have the same four classes with female and male counterparts.

Battlefield Heroes Preview

By Published June 23, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Article contributed to GN by "Tiberius"

Are you tired of the REAL LIFE Battlefield Games? Tired of all those dolphin-diving, over-proning noobs all over Wake Island? Or just in general the blatant remakes other Battlefield Games? I know I was - and thanks to my trusty friend, Google, I discovered the cartoony Battlefield Heroes.

Majesty 2: Fantasy Kingdom Sim Preview

By Published June 21, 2009 at 1:52 pm

guildHeroes lay claim to generous bounty to defend your town, dragons lay claim to heroes, and you lay claim to the responsibility of defending your Fantasy Kingdom.  It's the perfect economy, and one that has been proven time and again by successes such as the original Dungeons & Dragons, Stronghold, and other RTS-styled fantasy simulators.  Majesty 2 monopolizes on this system, where players can build towers, smithies, and marketplaces in which distant heroes, who are recruited by your locally established guilds, may come to spend their wealth... and gain fame!

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