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TOPIC: Delided 7700k

Delided 7700k 6 months 4 days ago #15161

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I saw in one of the ask GN you guys are going to delid some cpus. I wanted to put my 2 cents in. As of yesterday I got my delid tool. I was running a new 7700k over clocked @5.0 Ghz with a M7 mother board and a noctua nh-d15S. When I ran Cpu stress test in Intel extreme tuning my High Temps spiked around 95-99C in Hwmonitor After my delid my max temps lowered to 80C on 1 core and 75C on the other 3 during the same stress test in Intel extreme tuning. I used the noctua NT-H1 thermal paste on the die and heat spreader. It is crazy how much of a drop i got using the free thermal paste from my d15s. I use a remote thermostat to cool the room 21c for both test.
With the new thermal headroom I got my 7700k to 5.1Ghz stable on air. Max temps of 84c in stress test. Running less than 80c max temp in all the games I play.

I can't wait to see a video about this. Why is intels thermal paste so bad?

**Update Edit 1 week later**
I just received my Coollaboratory Liquid Pro yesterday and applied CLU between the Die and IHS. I then used noctua NT-H1 between the IHS and D15s

Same test as previously described 5.0 Ghz running Intel extreme tuning cpu stress test max temp of 74 C
We are now talking a difference of best case scenario of 25c in a stress test.

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Delided 7700k 6 months 4 days ago #15162

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I think Intel used to use fluxless soldering between the CPU die and the IHS.
Delidding has been used to improve CPUs that used thermal paste instead - which I gather was to help decrease manufacturing costs.
I think the problem has been with low quality paste and not very good application. This has resurfaced with Skylake but was also a problem on some predecessor CPU too eg Ivy Bridge. My Sandy Bridge CPU seems fine though.
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