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TOPIC: Incompatible DDR3 Ram

Incompatible DDR3 Ram 2 months 1 week ago #15638

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Hi all new here first post :).

I am currently building a new budget gaming pc build and have encountered a problem i am unfamiliar with i have always been able to just mix and match memory. if you follow the motherboard supported memory list you should be ok but this is very limiting quote from memory support list

(Memory modules listed below are for reference only. Due to massive memory models on the market, we can
only verify some of them.)

It seems like a gamble with your money weather the memory will work or not with the computer. I have some old 4GB elixar ram M2F4G64CB8HB5N-CG 1103. TW just 1 digit is different from one in the list and it will not work makes the pc go into a endless reboot loop no post with over 30 fast bios beeps and restart.

I found this after a lot of searching on my problem seem identical

I also tested some (only for amd ram) 1x8gb 1x2gb sticks the stuff from china i found from research that the socket 1155 supports this type of memory from the 1155 generation onward. This memory does work with the system it will post enter bios all works ok until you try to boot anything seem the memory will error out as soon as anything demanding is used
don't know if it is a incompatibility or because it's cheap Chinese ram.

I used hirens boot cd the memory diagnostics will crash as soon as you even start them they run for a split second that is.

My Build

Motherboard GIGABYTE B75-D3V F9 bios
CPU xeon E3-1245 (Will be using the igpu will wait for the high graphics card prices to come down)
ATX Antec 850w High Current Gamer M

So am i doomed to a gamble if i ignore the supported memory list or is there a way to identify if the memory will work you should be able to tell if it will work or not.
just what is stopping some memory from working like the elixir stick they should all work the same in any system when using low density ram.

I will get it to all work eventually just what is going on and why do some work and some don't how can you tell if it will work. :)
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Incompatible DDR3 Ram 2 months 1 week ago #15643

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"So am i doomed to a gamble if i ignore the supported memory list " YES

See www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ddr-dram-myths,4155.html#p2
"Simply put, mixing DRAM from different packages is a crapshoot, even when you have two identical packages of the same exact DRAM model."
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