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TOPIC: Can Displayport problems potentially nuke monitors

Can Displayport problems potentially nuke monitors 8 months 2 weeks ago #16307

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I have a GTX 760 that I've had since it was new and has been working great so far as I know.

I recently experienced a monitor failure that I then attempted to have repaired and the shop just said it couldn't fix
it without giving me any details. What had happened was I typically turn off all of my equipment after shutting down my machine by turning off the power strip that everything is plugged into. I've been doing that for years and one day after getting home from work I flipped the switch to turn on all of the things. All but one thing turned on. I hadn't suspected a power surge could do it because the power strip draws power from an online ups but maybe that is it. the only thing I had thought could be it was that the display port sent power to the monitor and that cooked it but that's beginning to sound less likely as I'm typing this. truth is I really don't know and the repair shop was no help.

I've since replaced the monitor but i'm apprehensive about plugging it in without knowing what cooked the last one.

any help is appreciated.
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Can Displayport problems potentially nuke monitors 8 months 2 weeks ago #16308

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From over here, there's no good way I could tell you, what the issue is or what caused the problem. (We need more information!)

But I can give you some tipps as to were to look for your investigation.

I think EEVBlog's Motto is the way to go here:
"Don't turn it on - take it apart!"

I have no idea what make/model you have, but many monitors can be disassembled by removing a couple of screws (and stickers) and maybe prying it open with a small spatula or used credit card.

Once you have a good view at the electronics, I would first look for a blown resistor, capacitor or loose cables or plugs.

If nothing is found there, you could unplug and test the power supply and the buttons if they work properly.

After that, it's a case of "find the straw in a haystack". Unless there's more information to go by (like X isn't working), it's a huge timesink.

As for your current setup:
If you are on a UPS, then there shouldn't be a power surge. Turning everything on at the same time shouldn't damage any of the things plugged in - at worst, the UPS- or other protection triggers, leaving everything dark - but still in working condition.

And the Data-Cables don't deliver enough voltage (and current) to fry anything.

My bet would be on simple wear and tear of the electronics - Monitors and TVs are notorious for blowing capacitors because a lot of them skimp on the cooling and have tons of dust falling through their vents that never gets cleaned up.

Oh, and I would suggest a smart power strip like this one, so you don't have to fiddle with the button every time you want to turn on your pc.
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Can Displayport problems potentially nuke monitors 8 months 2 weeks ago #16309

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Yes - my vote goes to having an old and faulty monitor. But hardware details would help give me a better idea.

I'd try a new monitor power cable. Then try another monitor.
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