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TOPIC: Custom gpu cooling

Custom gpu cooling 2 months 1 day ago #17294

  • Akogutiak
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Hi everyone.
I need some help with my gpu cooling. I recently bough a 1060 3gb zotac mini with a broken cooler for very cheap. Ive replaced it with a normal case fan 80mm, though it still reaches 82 celsius, which i believe is quite high for that chip.
Ive seen that the bolt pattern in 1060 fits with 560, 570 and some other gpus. Ive found 560 cooling for around 10usd, my question is it compatible with my 1060. As i dont have the budget for a 30usd++ aftermarket cooling.
Any help is appreciated.

P.s. replaced teemal paste to mx-4. Gpu temps under 5min stress test, then speed lowers. Tmeps withopen case
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Custom gpu cooling 2 months 8 hours ago #17304

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From what I read (link at the end), that heatsink is a little lackluster and the GPU throttles at around 82°C, at which point it's lowering its clockspeeds. So your cooler/card is working "as intended", it's simply not that good to begin with.

While the bolt pattern might fit, there's also the chips height and VRM clearance that's important. I don't know if the die/chip height is the same, but if the 560 is for a thicker pakage, it might leave you with the heatsink hovering over the chip instead of touching it - and performance would suffer obviously. And if it interferes with the VRM/Chockes, then it won't even go on.

You could obviously modify it then to make fit - but I have no idea, if that'll be possible and work.

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Custom gpu cooling 1 month 4 weeks ago #17308

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What case fan did you use? How did you mount it? - exact replacement for original fan? Can you post a photo?
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Custom gpu cooling 1 month 4 weeks ago #17317

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Thanks for tthe advice, wish i would listen... ;(

So i bough the 570 heatsink, but i couldnt make it fit as it itnterfered with other components. If i had proper tools to bend the heatpipes, i would be able to make it fit.

I probably found a solution now. I found a cheap server cooler with aluminum+ copper inside. It has a flat base, the same as the stock zotac one, so from what i think, i can just drill 4 holes and screw the gpu. The good thing is, the gpu has 4rubber pads around the dye, that perfectly set the amount of gap between gpu and heatsink.

Its just a normal 80mm case fan, glued it in the centre of the aluminum heatsink. It fits perfectly on the borders of the heatsink.

Ill update on what i ended up with.
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