StarCraft 2 ProLeague: Round 5 Summary & R6 Predictions

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The First Matches of ProLeague Round 6

The first three matches of ProLeague have been announced -- and they start tonight! With no breathing room, we’ll have to see what these players can bring to the table; for now, let’s take a look at these upcoming matches.

Samsung Khan vs KT Rolster June 3rd 15:00 KST (2AM EDT)

  • RoRo - Akilon Wastes - Zest
  • TurN - Korhal Floating Island - hitmaN
  • JangBi - Whirlwind LE - Flash
  • Reality - New Fighting Spirit - Puzzle
  • Shine - Neo Planet S - Stats
  • Stork - Newkirk Redevelopment Precinct - Crazy
  • (no PvP!)

RoRo v. Zest: Zest showed really good games last round, but that was mostly versus Protoss. I don’t see him beating Roro.

TurN v. hitmaN: We didn’t see hitmaN at all last round, but Turn got two kills, albeit before disappearing, so with such little data to go on, I’ll predict TurN as the victor, then deny it if I’m wrong.

JangBi v. Flash: This ought to be good, or possibly just a slaughter. Jangbi played really well last round, but seriously, it’s Flash.

Reality v. Puzzle: Way back in the olden days—before crazy things like Widow Mines and Oracles—Puzzle was the ace of a little team called SlayerS (maybe you’ve heard of them?). We’ve seen him once since getting picked up by Rolster and he lost to an enraged TY; if he can win will depend on how much he’s trained with Flash, I imagine. I’m going with Reality as the safe bet (but secretly cheering for Puzzle, SlayerS Fighting!).

Shine v. Stats: In the past, both these players have been key members of their teams, but only one of them got a win last round - Stats. As far as the current skill, it’s hard to say, but I’m giving a nod towards Shine for having snuck into Code S by 2-0ing Hurricane. That puts my predictions at 4-1, but I’ll go ahead and mention Stork vs Crazy.

Stork v. Crazy: Stork saw more play, but still didn’t do well. With Crazy's Up/Down group coming up, it’s possible that he isn’t practicing much for this match, so I’m going to favor Stork (blindly).

This match should be good. My prediction favors Khan (strongly at that), but it should be known I can’t put into words how close this should be. Many of these players haven’t been played much and an accurate guess is next to impossible. That said, KT Rolster wants the win, but Samsung Khan needs the win.

CJ Entus vs Woongjin Stars June 3rd 17:30~ KST (~4:30AM EDT)

  • Bong - New Fighting Spirit - ZerO
  • herO - Naro Station SE - Flying
  • EffOrt - Korhal Floating Island - sOs
  • Hydra - Neo Planet S - free
  • SonGDuri - Bel’Shir Vestige LE - Light
  • Bbyong - Whirlwind LE - Soulkey

Bong v. ZerO: Well, Bong’s seen more play than ZerO last round, but ZerO still got more kills. Going with ZerO here.

herO v. Flying: This should be close, whatever that actually means for PvP, anyway both very good, blah blah, etc etc, herO.

EffOrt v. sOs: Well, let me just say EffOrt is a good enough to take this, but going with sOs -- he killed a whole mess of Zerg in Code S, after all.

Hydra v. Free: I think Hydra only does really well in all-kill? This isn’t all-kill and free is pretty good, so I'd put my money on him.

SonGDuri v. Light: SonGDuri has never been on anyone’s radar. Ever. Light hasn’t been on one in a while, but I’m sticking with him here.

Bbyong v. Soulkey: I don’t think it’ll get this far, but... seriously? Seriously? I’ll take the guy who beat INnoVation in ZvT. Avert your eyes CJ fans, this is probably going to be a slaughter.

STX SouL vs SK Telecom T1 June 4th 14:30 KST (1AM EDT)


  • Trap - Newkirk Redevelopment Precinct - PartinG
  • Dear - Whirlwind LE - soO
  • Mini - Naro Station SE - Brown
  • hyvaa - Bel'Shir Vestige LE - Bisu
  • INnoVation - Korhal Floating Island - FanTaSy
  • Classic - Neo Planet S - Rain


Trap v. PartinG: Trap has been good in the past, but did you know that PartinG is close to getting the Nestea Award?

Dear v. soO: soO did alright in Code S and Dear has struggled with Zerg in the past, I’m still pretty split on this one though. I’ll say soO, but when he losses I’m going to say there was an interference with my coinflip.

Mini v. Brown: Well, let me say this: I had Mini on my anti-team and Brown on my main during last round’s Fantasy ProLeage (on, that said, they came out about even. These guys should be close in skill, though my brain says Mini and my heart says Brown.

hyvaa v. Bisu: I would love nothing more than the return of Bisu, but I don’t think it’s going to happen here -- going with hyvaa.

INnoVataion v. FanTaSy: I.N.N.O.V.A.T.I.O.N.

Classic v. Rain: I couldn’t think of anything lamer than what I did for INnoVation, but I'm going with Rain in the last match. So, assuming I can count, this means I predict an ace match, and for that ace match I predict INnoVation handily beating Rain. A few of these games look close, but SKT really doesn’t want to go to the ace match here. So I’m going to add a bonus prediction: if it doesn’t go to game seven, SKT takes it.


That's it for this huge round-up and summary. Make sure to check out the ProLeague stream at the above-designated times! You can find that on Twitch, over here.

- Keegan Gallick.

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