Titanfall Leaks Round-Up: Top-Down Maps, Zip Lines, & Pilot Hunter

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With only eight days until giant fighting robots take over our lives, more information has leaked about Titanfall. Reddit user FallenFusion has expanded on the information that NeoGAF user RazorUK was able to dig out of the beta, sharing some exciting details and new screenshots yesterday. For those of you who've missed RazorUK's leaks, we're going to include those below in addition to the new information and images provided by Fusion; this Titanfall leaks round-up will compile all the relevant information about maps, turrets, generations, ziplines, and pilot hunter.

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Campaign Mode

While it's been known for awhile that the campaign mode exists within the multiplayer, RazorUK dug-out how it works. There are a total of nine campaign matches and you can play as either IMC or Militia (learn about them in our Titanfall overview video). It is possible to play through the campaign as Militia and then again as IMC (or vice versa). You play through five attrition and four hardpoint multiplayer games. The briefings and chatter you hear in-game from NPCs will depend on the side with which you've aligned. According to FallenFusion, there are “some surprises which will keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience”.

Known Game Modes

  • Hardpoint Domination
  • Capture the Flag
  • Pilot Hunter
  • Attrition
  • Last Titan Standing
  • “ATDM” (maybe to do with Titans in [T]DM?)

Most of these game modes were either featured in the beta or are familiar to the FPS genre. Pilot Hunter is a new game mode that Fusion leaked where score is based upon how many Pilots are killed, making it a bit more appealing for fans of traditional FPS gameplay. In attrition, Titan, AI, and Pilot kills all give you points toward the 400 required to win. In Pilot Hunter, points are only given for Pilot kills and for nothing else. This perhaps mirrors the possibility of a future pilots-only game mode or server configuration setting.

Your build time reductions and core abilities won't be affected by Pilot Hunter's approach; you can still earn points towards these two things and toward persistent advancements. Pilot Hunter will be great for those hungry for PvP action – judging from the beta leaks, the score for Pilot Hunter is set to 50. It seems some redditors are pushing for it to be scored at 75, similar to TDM in Call of Duty.

Titanfall Maps List, Top-Down Maps, Call-Outs, & Screenshots

titanfall-airbaseTitanfall - Airbase Screenshot. titanfall-colonyTitanfall - Colony Screenshot. titanfall-colony2Titanfall - Colony Screenshot.

titanfall-demeterTitanfall - Demeter Screenshot. titanfall-leak-fractureTitanfall - Fracture Screenshot. titanfall-leak-lagoonTitanfall - Lagoon Screenshot.

titanfall-nexusTitanfall - Nexus Screenshot. titanfall-relicTitanfall - Relic Screenshot. titanfall-outpost207Titanfall - Outpost 207 Screenshot.

Titanfall Top-Down Maps with Labels

titanfall-airbase-topdownTitanfall - Airbase Top-Down Map. titanfall-colony-topdownTitanfall - Colony Top-Down Map. titanfall-demeter-topdownTitanfall - Demeter Top-Down Map.

titanfall-fracture-topdownTitanfall - Fracture Top-Down Map. titanfall-lagoon-topdownTitanfall - Lagoon Top-Down Map. titanfall-nexus-topdownTitanfall - Nexus Top-Down Map.

titanfall-boneyard-topdownTitanfall - Boneyard Top-Down Map. titanfall-corporate-topdownTitanfall - Corporate Top-Down Map. titanfall-angelcity-topdownTitanfall - Angel City Top-Down Map.

titanfall-nexus-topdownTitanfall - Nexus Top-Down Map. titanfall-outpost-topdownTitanfall - Outpost 207 Top-Down Map. titanfall-overlook-topdownTitanfall - Overlook Top-Down Map.

titanfall-relic-topdownTitanfall - Relic Top-Down Map. titanfall-rise-topdownTitanfall - Rise Top-Down Map. titanfall-trainingground-topdownTitanfall - Training Ground Top-Down Map.

In list form:

  • Corporate
  • Colony
  • Fracture
  • Relic
  • Angel City
  • Outpost 207
  • Boneyard
  • Airbase
  • Demeter
  • Smuggler's Cove
  • Nexus
  • Lagoon
  • Rise
  • Training Ground

There are 14 maps currently hiding in Titanfall. The real question, of course, is how many will be available at launch. It's possible that some of these will be cut or will be finalized in future patches/DLC, as with other recent titles (see: EA's Battlefield 4 at-launch DLC; Rome 2's included units that were later launched as DLC). Respawn originally said they weren't going to do season passes for Titanfall, but apparently that was a misprint, as Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe, clarified. Heppe stated that the game won't have an “online pass,” but that they are not sure yet if they will have a season pass (it probably will).

Respawn announced that DLC for Titanfall is already in the planning stages. DLC has a tendency to be new maps, new guns, or gun skins (because they're soOOOooo pretty – and if CSGO has taught us anything, it's that gun skins sell very well). Fifteen maps at launch for a game that is marketed as multiplayer-only seems reasonable, but in a DLC money-grubbing industry (see EA & Battlefield 4), it wouldn't surprise me to see maps withheld at launch.

Heppe also acknowledged that there might be a Pilot-only multiplayer mode in the future. It definitely wont be available at release, but “we'll see what happens after launch.” A pilot-v-pilot game mode sounds more like a general update rather than a DLC add-on.


The beta was nice enough to share a lot of weapons with us. During the beta, there were also burn cards that gave you the ability to try-out weapons that would be available in the full game. Weapons not included in the beta are as follows:

Pilot Primary Weapons:

  • C.A.R. SMG – The C.A.R. is “designed to fire a more powerful round that provides greater damage and accuracy at range, at the cost of fire rate and capacity.”
  • G2A4 Rifle – The G2A4 is a semi-automatic rifle with high damage and accuracy.
  • Hemlok BF- R – The Helok fires a three-round burst (BR, anyone?) and has a good balance of long-range accuracy, damage, and fire rate.
  • Kraber – AP Sniper – The Kraber, aka the “different sort of animal” that Respawn promised, ensures a 'one-shot, one-kill' against human-scale targets.
  • Spitfire LMG – The Spitfire “recoils heavily when first fired, but quickly settles into a tight firing pattern. The manufacturer strongly recommends sustained saturating fire, instead of short, controlled bursts” (translation: “spray and pray”).

Pilot Sidearms:

  • B3 Wingman – The Wingman is a powerful revolver with very high accuracy and is a long-range pistol. Aim is important due to its low fire rate (see: Deagle).

First the smart pistol, now a long-range revolver.

Anti-Titan Weapons:

  • Mag Launcher – Fires magnetic grenades that veer towards nearby enemy Titans and Spectres and detonate on impact.
  • Charge Rifle – Fires an energy beam that inflicts massive damage. The Charge Rifle works like your standard railgun, as seen in Quake.

Pilot Tactical Abilities:

  • Active Radar Pulse – The radar pulse triggers a scan that allows you to see enemies through walls for a short amount of time (Promethean Vision, I choose you!).

Pilot Ordnance:

  • Arc Mine – is a proximity-detonated charge that sticks to any surface. It causes explosive damage as well as interference to nearby Titan and Pilot vision systems when detonated.
  • Satchel Charge – also sticks to any surface, but is manually detonated to cause explosive damage.

Titan Weapons:

  • Plasma Railgun – The Pilots have their Railgun and so do the Titans. The difference with the Plasma Railgun is that, when zoomed, it charges through several stages before reaching full power (similar to SC2's Void Ray). Unlike the Pilot railgun, this one will hold its charge indefinitely and is manually fired.
  • Triple Threat – Which I'm officially nicknaming the T2, is a grenade launcher that fires three grenades at once. The grenades explode when making contact with armor.
  • Arc Cannon – This is a weapon that was shown in a lot of promotional footage and we've known about for awhile. The Arc Cannon fires a bolt of lightning that goes between enemies. It can be fired quickly, or charged up for an increase in firepower.

Titan Tactical Abilities:

  • Particle Wall – is a “stationary force-field that blocks all incoming fire on one side, while allowing weapons to fire through it from the other. Enemy weapons can damage it and eventually take it down.”

As a Titan ability, I'm interested to see how large it is. If it isn't large enough to guard a Titan, it seems like a strategy will emerge to drop the wall, put your Titan in auto mode and then use your Pilot from behind the shield.

Titan Ordnance:

  • Cluster Missile – “fires a missile which, on impact, deploys a shower of secondary explosive charges that continue to explode and saturate an area for a considerable time.”
  • Multi-Target Missile System - “enables you to engage multiple targets at once.” By holding down your ordnance ability control, you can select enemy targets and then release to fire the missiles.

Titanfall Turrets

titanfall-leak-turretWhile RazorUK provided us with the full weapon list, FallenFusion added information about turrets. Due to the size of turrets (see image), and the presence of some inactive turrets in existing maps, we're fairly certain that turrets will be pre-built into the maps (unless a Titan has a hidden backpack or ability to build a turret). Fallen's leak on Turrets reads:

Heavy turrets are designed for killing everything—including Titans. When used out in the field, they are often braced into position in urban environments atop buildings, and have a considerable range of motion and excellent target tracking systems. Multiple Titans are usually required to disable a single heavy turret by focusing their fire on it. They operate autonomously and, in most cases, can be “flipped” (to fight for the other team) when a nearby console is compromised, often with a Data Knife.

Since turrets can be hacked, it seems that there might be a way that a team or player can earn a turret. It could also be that if turrets are built into maps that they might be pre-assigned to teams and can be hacked for an added advantage.

Titanfall Generations (“Prestige”)

Generations, which is widely assumed to be Titanfall's version of prestiging, was originally leaked by RazorUK. Fallen included a picture from the beta of Generations and what it looks like:


There are 10 Generations and players have two requirements before they can move to the next generation. Players have to reach the max level (50) and complete a set of challenges before “regenerating.” RazorUK has a list of generation challenges here.

Titanfall Zip Lines


The last leaked image from FallenFusion is of the Zip Lines. These were not something that were available in the open beta, but appear to be built into the final game. Zip Lines can be used by Pilots and travel both ways (yes, you can go up). Based on the screenshot, it appears possible to hip-fire while zip lining and more than likely possible to be used in order to rodeo an enemy Titan.

Pilots already operate with a tremendous amount of speed, so the introduction of zip lines will help maintain the fast-paced feel of the game and contribute to the seamless nature of a Pilot's free-running abilities. Zip lines cannot be placed by pilots and are static map objects.



The dinosaur screenshot has been out for quite some time now (and was seen in the TV ad), but I couldn't just not talk about my (user)name-sake. According to reddit user DangKilla, the Diplodocus-like dinosaur is part of a “Leviathan” family of creatures in the Titanfall universe. Boneyard is a map that features Leviathans in gameplay, using the skeleton of a fallen Leviathan as the map's focal point; the map also hosts flying NPCs that supposedly can interact with Pilots.

The most common idea with the Leviathans is that they are simply background features to a map. While Titans fighting dinosaurs is a game I can only hope will exist, it doesn't seem likely that Pilots or Titans will engage in battle with Leviathans. Leviathans are no doubt bigger than Titans and would either crush through buildings or be scripted events, which would just be lame.


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Titanfall launches for the XBOX and PC (sans Australian servers) on March 11.

- Paige “dino pillow” Spears.

- Editing & Layout - Steve "Lelldorianx" Burke. 

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