In the Lab: Steam Link & Controllers, Corsair VOID, MSI B150A, CPUs

By Published November 04, 2015 at 11:00 pm

The ever-increasing pile of computer hardware coming into our labs has been backing us up lately, as is usual for this time of year, and we've had to pull-on some additional help to clear the review inventory. As a part of this, we thought it would be a fun idea to start running a recurring “In the Lab” segment to provide a sneak peek to active hardware being tested. This content will provide some introductory technical coverage of the products, talk about testing methodology, concerns we're encountering, and initial thoughts, all before publication of the finalized reviews.

Out first episode overviews the Steam Link & Steam Controllers, for which our reviews go live next week, the Corsair VOID headset, MSI's B150A Gaming Pro motherboard, and some Skylake CPUs.



  • 1:11 – Steam Link & Controller
  • 3:50 – Corsair VOID Headset
  • 5:56 – MSI B150A Gaming Pro
  • 7:44 – Skylake SKUs

Edited & Shot by Keegan Gallick & Jim Vincent.

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