Corsair, Thermaltake, & Be Quiet! Battle on Camera over Best Case

By Published June 01, 2016 at 9:56 pm

Vendor Battles are our newest form of lighthearted, fun, but informational content. We conducted our first Vendor Battle at PAX East 2016, starring EVGA, MSI, and PNY. Now, at Computex, we turned to the case manufacturers: “You have one minute. Tell me why I should buy your case and not the next manufacturer's.”

It was a fun battle, particularly because all the case teams seem to know each other. George Makris of Corsair opened, followed by Shannon Robb of Thermaltake, and then Christoph Katzer of Be Quiet! All three well-known companies in the space.

Here's the showdown video – direct quotes below.

George Makris, God-Emperor of Corsair

“From the beginning, every one of our cases has been designed for building a system easily. It's easy to build, really easy to assembly – a lot of tool-free features, things like that. Also, we got into cases a little bit late compared to a lot of our competitors, so we didn't start until 2009, which means that we started at the same time as we started liquid cooling. Every single case we've ever shipped has liquid cooling compatibility in it. We were also some of the guys who were first to innovate features like having a steel front panel on a case like the C70, having built-in carry handles, having full side-panel windows like on the 400C or 600C or 760T. We have a lot of cool innovations and features and things like that, and we have a great alignment of cases from $50 to $350, depending on what kind of features and materials and designs you want. From Obsidian aluminum stuff down to standard plastic gamer stuff like Spec Alpha and Spec-01. Oh – one more thing. I am incredibly handsome, and that's a really good reason. Not like these other guys who are in this video.”

Shannon Robb, Greater-than-George at Thermaltake

“As you can see behind you, we work a lot with modders. We work a lot with enthusiasts. We not only take good designs, good quality – we try to learn from everyone in the community. We try to take all your feedback. If you buy a case and you go to me and say, 'I don't like this, or I think it should have this,' those are serious considerations that we give to our case designers and say, 'is this something we can realistically make?' And we try to make it even better. Not to mention, we started life as a thermal company – part of our core competence is keeping things cool. We design our chassis around the whole idea of massive airflow, liquid cooling fitment, and overall options to the user; we take our halo products, throw as many options as we can into them, then we take the cases below it and we tier it down. We try the trickle-down effect and fit as many of those features as possible into them. We try to take everything from the ground-up to make as good a case as possible.”

(Re: George's comments – “Well, I just gotta say, George: You're wrong. When you take this hair, it's like a match made in heaven, baby.”)

Christoph Katzer, Head of Business Development at Be Quiet!

“I think that's very simple. Be Quiet! is all about the quality, and the biggest factor with Be Quiet! is the silence, as the name already says. When you build silent components, you need to really take good care of the quality of the components themselves. With our cases, we do this really well with really good quality materials, with the manufacturing process, and the biggest factor is the silence part. We want to have your system really silent – so how do we accomplish that? We have dampening materials, we have certain airflows in the system so that the noise can't go out of the system, and so on. I think the biggest factor of our cases is the silence factor, as is with our other products; if you don't want to hear your case all night, that is definitely the best way: Quality and silence.”

Check back for future battles!

Editorial: Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke
Video: Keegan “HornetSting” Gallick

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