Video Guide: Test a Power Supply with a Paperclip

By Published March 01, 2012 at 1:11 pm

It's time to put that bastard Clippy to work. If you've been wondering where he found work after Office no longer had a need for him, it's here: Testing power supplies.

After our video on how to replace a CPU heatsink fan, I immediately went to work on the next video: We'll be testing a PSU without plugging it into anything else today. You can simulate a connection by using a paperclip to bridge the green and one of the black wires in the 20+4 pin connector. Watch the video for full details.


Here's a quick guide of how it works for those that can't view the video at this exact moment:

  • Completely unplug and power down your PSU.
  • Locate Clippy. Stick one end of Clippy into the slot with the green wire, one into a slot with a black wire.
  • Set the cable aside. Plug the PSU in and flip the switch. It should spin up.
  • If it doesn't spin up, it probably needs to be put under some kind of load -- connect a fan or two (or a HDD) and see if it works now.


The beauty of this is that you don't need to hook it into a computer. It also helps isolate issues when troubleshooting - it doesn't definitively test a PSU as good or bad (nor is it meant to), but it does help figure out if a power failure or startup problem is a result of the motherboard, PSU, or something else.

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