MSI GE62VR Apache Pro Laptop Review: GTX 1060 Benchmark vs. 1070, 1080

By Published October 03, 2016 at 3:06 pm

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MSI Apache GE62VR Thermal Results – CPU & GPU Temperature

For thermals, we're looking at delta T values by subtracting the ambient temperature as collected by two thermocouples, which are then averaged for the room temp.

The MSI GE62VR keeps its CPU at a temperature of approximately 26.8C delta T over ambient, a slight improvement from the previous GE62 model with its 27.94C temperature. Idle is about the same.

The Fangbook 4's large form factor benefits the unit's ability to dissipate heat, allowing it to skate by just below the i7-6700HQ-equipped GE62VR.



For GPU thermals, we're at 30.1C delta T over ambient load on the MSI GE62VR, or about 4C improved over the GTX 960M GE62 unit we previously reviewed. Thermal values are vastly improved over the GTX 980M. Note that MSI is mostly able to achieve its lower temperature by blasting the fan, which gets pretty loud when under full load. Our fan dB testing is further below.

MSI GE62VR Apache Pro Temperature over Time

Here's a look at the same data as represented over time, rather than using bars:



From this data, we learn that the MSI GE62VR is heavily fluctuating its fan speeds to control for temperature, demonstrated by the vibrant yellow line that's bouncing up and down. This is behavior exhibited by most laptops we've worked with, as seen in the charts, but is more extreme with the GE62VR. The only potential downside is that fan speed will modulate during gameplay, and the change in fan noise could become annoying if not using a headset to game. We'll talk about that more momentarily.

MSI GE62VR Battery Life


Using GRID: Autosport for our battery life test, we start the test at 1080p/Ultra with loop enabled, then check event viewer to find kernel-power events. At the end of the test, the GE62VR survived for 68 minutes of gaming, compared to the 960M Apache Pro at 51 minutes. These units were pretty similar in spec, given the generational gap, but power consumption overall has been reduced across all components in the system.

The 980M units have the best battery life presently on our bench, but that's for two reasons: (1) The test is limited to 30FPS with Battery Boost 1.0, and because the 980M can handle 30FPS with relative ease, it's not sucking all the power the GPU is rated to use; (2) the Fangbook is physically imposing, and has a massive battery as a result of its 18” form factor. This is the largest contributor to battery life.

MSI GE62VR GTX 1060 Noise Test

Total system noise, for once, is the most applicable metric for noise analysis for laptops. Unlike GPUs or coolers, the laptop is the complete system and represents 100% of the noise created when in use. All of the GE62VR's noise output is generated by its two axial fans located toward the back corners of the laptop (near the display hinge), each of which is PWM controlled based on GPU & CPU diode readings.

Here's what the output looks like over time:


As the system ramps into its 3DMark Firestrike run, we see noise levels escalate from ~35dB to ~43dB, which is nearly a 2x increase in perceived noise. The load noise performance rests at ~43.1dB when a game is stressing the CPU and GPU alike. Idle noise performance, e.g. at the desktop or working on a document, is 34.9dB. Our noise floor was ~25-26dB during these tests, for reference.

Continue to Page 4 for FPS results.


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