MSI GTX 1050 Ti & 1050 Review – Benchmarks vs. RX 460, 470, More

By Published October 25, 2016 at 9:00 am

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  • Component: Video Card
  • Original MSRP: 110
  • Manufacturer: MSI


Battlefield 1 Benchmark – GTX 1050 Ti & 1050 vs. RX 460, 950, 750 Ti, RX 470

Battlefield 1 testing is defined in-depth in our BF1 GPU benchmark, if you're curious about the exact process for test execution.

Below is BF1 at 1080p with DirectX 11 and Ultra settings. The GTX 750 Ti from the first iteration of Maxwell is operating at 32.3FPS AVG, a few FPS below the RX 460 2GB card (now $100). You'd have to run low settings for the GTX 750 Ti to work well, and Battlefield 1 looks so good that it feels like a waste to do so. Moving up the ranks, we hit the RX 460 4GB ($140) card at 43FPS AVG, then the GTX 1050 at 46FPS AVG – mostly the same, though a couple percentage points better than the 4GB RX 460. The GTX 1050 outpaces the RX 460 2GB card markedly.


The GTX 1050 Ti operates at 58FPS AVG, which would actually make it reasonably playable in competitive matches if you're willing to reduce a few settings to High from Ultra. That performance puts the 1050 Ti about on par with the overclocked 960 SSC. Considering the 960 was $200+ when it launched, the 1050 Ti's availability in the $140 to $165 range shows progression in the performance-per-dollar market.

AMD's RX 470 outperforms the GTX 1050 Ti handily, operating close to 75FPS AVG and with lows timed close to 60FPS. If the RX 470 is ever properly available for $170 -- and there are a few cards now at that price -- it'd be a serious competitor to the $165 MSI 1050 Ti card. For this game, at least, it is a better choice.


As for Dx12 performance, we've already talked about how high frametime variance mars the game's low-end performance for both nVidia and AMD hardware. That remains true here, alongside the negative scaling we observed in our original BF1 benchmark. The 1050 Ti is now operating at 50FPS AVG, with 0.1% lows that dip as hard as around 1FPS and 1% lows around 7FPS. These issues don't persist throughout an entire multipalyer match, but you'll see hitching at least a few times per match. We tend to see them every few minutes. It's enough to just recommend focusing on Dx11 results.

Gears of War 4 Benchmark – GTX 1050 Ti vs. 1050, RX 460, RX 470, GTX 1060


Here's Gears of War 4 at 1080p with High settings. We're seeing performance that ranks the GTX 1050 Ti at around 72FPS AVG, landing it again just under the GTX 960 SSC from EVGA. This also marks the card well ahead of the GTX 950 and RX 460 4GB, which pushes 52FPS AVG. The GTX 1050 non-Ti pulls ahead of the RX 460 2GB card significantly in the 1% low and 0.1% low values, thanks to better frametimes, and manages an improved average over the 4GB RX 460 card.

DOOM Benchmark (Vulkan & OpenGL) – GTX 1050 Ti & GTX 1050


With OpenGL, we're seeing a performance output of ~72FPS AVG for the GTX 1050 Ti (DOOM, Ultra, 1080p), with the GTX 1050 trailing at 50.7FPS AVG. The low-end Pascal card is followed next by the low-end Polaris card, the RX 460, at 45FPS AVG (for the 4GB model). The GTX 950 is outpaced by its architectural successor by ~8FPS. The RX 470, the next relevant card, lands at ~76FPS AVG.


Above is a comparison between OpenGL and Vulkan. The AMD cards gain a little bit of ground here, but the GTX 1050 Ti is still ahead of the RX 460; that said, the RX 460 now leads the GTX 1050 by a few FPS, even when the GTX 1050 runs OpenGL.

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