MSI GTX 1050 Ti & 1050 Review – Benchmarks vs. RX 460, 470, More

By Published October 25, 2016 at 9:00 am

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  • Component: Video Card
  • Original MSRP: 110
  • Manufacturer: MSI

Overwatch Benchmark with GTX 1050 & GTX 1050

Time to look at some lower-end games. For these cards, we're starting with Overwatch at 1080p, given the obvious market positioning of $100 to $150 devices, then we'll look at DOTA2. After that, it's back to the likes of GTA V, Mirror's Edge, and more.

We've only tested low-end devices with Overwatch, so not everything's populated on this chart just yet. Against last generation's GTX 950, the GTX 1050 non-Ti is operating about 10FPS faster – or about 10% change. Lows have also improved on the GP107 GPUs, both posting north of 70FPS, though that argument is a little muted since the lows are north of 60 on the 950, anyway. Overwatch just isn't an intensive game.

gtx-1050-ti-overwatch-1080p 1

The RX 460 4GB is running at about 67FPS AVG, with the 2GB stock clocked card for $100 at 64FPS AVG. The GTX 1050 non-Ti is more than 30FPS ahead of the RX 460. Just for the curious, here's a quick data point with the RX 460 4GB vs. GTX 1050 Ti 4GB at 1440p:

  AVG FPS 1% LOW 0.1% LOW
MSI GTX 1050 Ti GX 1468MHz 66.3 55 53.7
Sapphire RX 460 Nitro 1250MHz 42 35 34

Overwatch allows render upscaling without a higher resolution monitor, so if you preferred pixel density to speed, you could actually get away with the 1050 Ti upscaled to 1440p.

DOTA2 Benchmark with GTX 1050, 1050 Ti, RX 460


With DOTA2 at a mix of High/Ultra settings and 1080p resolution, we're seeing performance of 161FPS AVG on the GTX 1050 Ti, or 148FPS AVG on the GTX 1050. Most these devices -- perhaps excluding the GTX 750 Ti -- could play DOTA2 upscaled to 1440p, if the user preferred the look to the speed.

GTA V Benchmark - GTX 1050 vs. 1050 Ti, RX 470, GTX 1060, GTX 960


Moving on to 1080p with GTA V and VH/Ultra settings, we see the GTX 1050 Ti operating at 67FPS AVG with 1% and 0.1% low metrics that are reasonably scaled, leading the R9 380X marginally. The GTX 970 SSC is ahead of the 1050 Ti with an 89FPS AVG, and the GTX 1060 is above all these, as one would expect. The 1050 Ti leads the RX 460 4GB by about 20FPS, with the GTX 1050 also ahead at 57FPS AVG. The new 1050 is marginally ahead of the Maxwell 950 – but they're pretty close to the same.

Metro: Last Light Benchmark - GTX 1050 Ti & GTX 1050


With Metro: Last Light well beyond any optimization patches, we can keep the bench saturated with cards without having to re-run them for each update. Still, the bench list has been culled to the 1060/390X to keep things legible. Check other reviews for the high-end cards.

The GTX 1050 Ti operates at ~53FPS AVG, with the GTX 1050 non-Ti at ~47FPS, well ahead of the RX 460 4GB card's 38FPS AVG performance. Each of these cards is outclassed by the RX 470, sitting at ~70FPS AVG.

Shadow of Mordor Benchmark - GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1050, More

gtx-1050-ti-mordor 1

We've re-run a few of the above cards (Mordor) due to optimization improvements in drivers.

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Benchmark - GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1050, RX 470, GTX 1060


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