Intel i5-7600K Review Ft. 5 Generations of i5 & i7 CPUs

By Published February 04, 2017 at 4:43 pm

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  • Component: CPU
  • Original MSRP: 240
  • Manufacturer: Intel


Intel i5-7600K Temperatures

Temperature performance on the i5-7600K mostly mirrors the i7-7700K, particularly given the matching watt draw for each component. Still, we ran it through the tests with a new understanding of how KBL motherboards heavily dictate thermal performance (again, see P4 of our 7700K review for some of that).

The i5-7600K under an NZXT Kraken X62 (and see Page 1 for full testing methodology) is posting a temperature output of ~74C PKG when under AVX workloads for extended periods. This is about equal to a similarly volted i7-7700K.

Intel i7-7700K & i5-7600K @ 4.5GHz
EIST 0, Turbo 0, CStates 0
  MSI Pro Carbon 7600K MSI Pro Carbon 7700K Gigabyte G7 7700K
vCore (v) 1.28v (manual) 1.28-1.32 (auto) 1.188-1.275 (manual)
CPU PKG (C) 74 82 70
Core 0 (C) 71 82 70
Core 1 (C) 71 79 69
Core 2 (C) 74 78 70
Core 3 (C) 68 76 68
Ambient (C) 25 21 22.2
Liquid TMP (C) 33 28 28
PKG PWER (W) 97-100
Max 100.67
Max 111.28
Max 115.15

As we learned with the i7-7700K, you’ll really want to check motherboard auto vCore settings when installing a KBL CPU. Auto vCore on some of these boards is overkill, sometimes pushing 1.4v, and will drastically increase the temperature of the CPU. With manual control over vCore, it’s not unreasonable to rest at ~1.18-1.275v with stock settings, reducing temperatures to a point of control by AIOs and most decent air coolers.

We’re still seeing increased temperatures in KBL overall, but it’s within the ~6C range when controlling for voltage.

Blender Benchmark – Intel i5-7600K vs. i7s & i5s


Using our in-house designed Blender benchmark, as built by GN’s Andrew Coleman, we’re recording a total render time on the CPU of approximately 68 minutes with the stock configuration, or 62.5 minutes with the 4.7GHz overclocked version.

As this benchmark demonstrates, having the additional threads helps in render workloads as the tool can render two times as many tiles simultaneously. The 7600K takes just under 30 minutes longer to render the scene than the stock 7700K, and is expectedly slower than all i7 CPUs on the bench other than the aged 2600K. Compared to last generation’s i5-6600K, the 7600K sees an improvement of approximately 5-6 minutes, or about 7%.

Cinebench Benchmark – Intel i5-7600K vs. 6600K, 2500K, & between


Moving on to synthetics prior to game benchmarks, Cinebench testing places the i5-7600K between the i5-6600K and i7-4790K, with 716 cb marks for CPU performance and 184 marks for single-threaded performance. Comparatively, our overclock boosts that up to 788 for total CPU performance – still below the 4790K – and 204 for single-threaded performance, or just below the 7700K 5.1GHz overclock.

The i5-6600K from last generation operated at 664 cb marks, or 172 single-threaded.

3DMark FireStrike – Intel i5-7600K vs. 6600K, 2500K, 3570K, 4690K


3DMark’s FireStrike benchmark (“normal” settings) lands the 7600K stock at ~17050 points with our total build configuration, as defined on Page 1. The physics score plants us at 9531, and is the more interesting of the points on the chart. Overclocking to 4.7GHz gets us up to 12488 points, or just below the stock 4790K i7 CPU.

Here’s what the physics FPS looks like:


3DMark TimeSpy – Intel i5-7600K Benchmark


Further CPU synthetics with the new, lower level API Timespy benchmark indicates the i5-7600K performing about equally with the i7-4790K (Devil’s Canyon), while the overclocked variant is within reach of a stock i7-6700K (Skylake) CPU. The stock i5-6600K lands between an overclocked i5-2500K and stock i5-7600K.

Continue to Page 3 for FPS benchmarks.

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