Ryzen Revisit: RAM OCing, Windows Updates, & EFI Updates

By Published April 03, 2017 at 5:40 pm

Additional Info

  • Component: CPU
  • Original MSRP: 400
  • Manufacturer: AMD

Windows Update Impact on Synthetics

There was some talk of a Windows update potentially improving Ryzen performance, though most of the testing we’ve seen posted also included other changes simultaneously, thus obfuscating the root cause. For our first round of tests, we put the R7 1700 and R7 1700X back through the bench with all settings equal to what they were in our initial reviews. This includes the memory speeds of 2666MHz for the R7 1700, due to IMC limitations at stock frequency on our chip, and 2933MHz on the 1700X. We’ll tune memory later in this content. We’re also using EFI 5704 for this first test, but will roll into 1002 for the next round of tests (later in this article).

We’ll be testing the Windows build ending in 970 from March 22nd versus Windows 10 version 693 from January 10th.

This section will be limited. We’re only running Cinebench and Firestrike with the Windows update, moving from build 693 to build 970. The next page will feature the entire games benchmark suite for a fuller picture.

Windows Update 693 to 970 – R7 1700 with Cinebench


We run a few Cinebench passes and average them, with the tests generally showing a swing of a couple points from one to the next. We’re looking at 1420 vs. 1421, which is a statistically insignificant performance difference between Windows versions. 1T performance is identical, at 145 for each build. The Windows update does not appear to have impacted the R7 1700 numbers running on b693.

Windows Update 693 to 970 – R7 1700 with FireStrike


Above is the FPS chart for a Firestrike pass, showing differences of ~0.06FPS on the CPU portion of the test. This is, again, statistically insignificant. We are within test variance of the software more than the OS, and so it is fair to say that b693 and b970 are effectively equal in performance for FireStrike with this configuration.


The scores, for the curious, haven’t moved a whole lot.

Let’s move on to gaming.

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