AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Review: The Line Between "Fine" and "Exciting"

By Published July 28, 2017 at 7:47 pm

Additional Info

  • Component: CPU
  • Original MSRP: 110
  • Manufacturer: AMD


Blender CPU Benchmark – R3 1200 vs. R5 1600X, G4560, etc.

Blender wasn’t stable with our 3.9GHz overclock, so we stepped down to 3.8GHz for this particular test. The R3 1200 stock CPU completes the scene render in 102 minutes, so it takes 14% longer to render than the stock 1300X, and overclocking gets the CPU down to 87 minutes – about tied with the 1300X. Because we’re down to just 4C/4T on these R3 CPUs, performance here isn’t exciting. It’s not bad, as stated in our 1300X review yesterday, but it’s also just not that interesting. If rendering really is of interest, and if using a CPU for rendering is on the agenda more than infrequent intervals, we would still very strongly encourage an R5 1500X or 1600 purchase. The cost is higher, but the render times are halved as we approach overclocked R5 1600 territory. That’s a major savings in time for anyone rendering even in light freelance capacities, so it’ll recoup the loss quickly.

r3 1200 blender

POVRay Benchmark – R3 1200 & R3 1300X

r3 1200 povray

Cinebench R15 – R3 1200 & R3 1300X

r3 1200 cinebench

Adobe Premiere Benchmark – AMD R3 1200 vs. R5, i7 CPUs

r3 1200 premiere

Premiere is more of the same as Blender. The R3 1200 stock CPU takes 198 minutes to complete the render. The overclocked 1300X – which is right where the 1200 would perform when overclocked, too – completes the render in 156 minutes. Compared to R5 CPUs in the 80 to 130-minute range, this is significantly slower. R3 CPUs really aren’t meant for these tasks, and again, we’d recommend a bump-up in tiering if rendering on the CPU is in the plans. Most of our Premiere workloads will accelerate fine on GPUs, though, so it just depends on what you’re doing.

3DMark FireStrike – AMD R3 1200 CPU Benchmark

r3 1200 firestrike physics

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