AMD Threadripper 1950X & 1920X Review: MCM Bet Pays Off

By Published August 10, 2017 at 9:00 am

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  • Component: CPU
  • Awards: Editor's Choice
  • Original MSRP: 800
  • Manufacturer: AMD


Threadripper 1950X & 1920X Blender Benchmark vs. 7900X

Getting into production workloads next, we start with our in-house Blender animation for CPU workload benchmarking. The Threadripper CPUs don’t even need a highlight – they’re all on top. The 1950X completes our render in 15 minutes, a remarkable speed considering we were only recently impressed with the R7 1700’s 27.6-minute completion time. This performance places the 1950X ahead of the ~$1000 i9-7900X CPU when overclocked to 4.5GHz, and the $800 1920X manages to keep pace with this line-item. Coming in $200 cheaper and at about the same render performance, it’s clear that the 1920X carries the trend of lower-SKU AMD CPUs offering the best value. That said, the 1950X does reduce render time by a still noteworthy 19%. That’s not a bad price for such a reduction, assuming you’re doing something that’ll leverage it; otherwise, the 1920X is looking impressive from this testing.

Off to a good start on this one, AMD.

10 threadripper blender benchmark

Threadripper 1950X & 1920X Adobe Premiere Benchmarks

Adobe Premiere is next. This test uses one of GN’s own project files as a benchmark for a real workload, and positions the 1950X again at the top of the chart – well, aside from CUDA-accelerated workers. Premiere still benefits from boosted CPU performance for certain types of renders, though it is not the most optimized application you’ll ever use.

Regardless, the 1950X completes the render in 41 minutes, with the 1920X finishing the render 14% slower at 46.6 minutes. Just behind this is the i9-7900X CPU at 54 minutes, though its overclocked variant does claw back a good amount of ground.

For perspective, the R7 1700X overclocked to 3.9GHz finishes the render in 62 minutes, showing that the similarly-clocked 1920X provides a 25% render time reduction from its extra cores.

11 threadripper blender premiere

Threadripper POVRay Benchmark – 1950X & 1920X

12 threadripper povray nt 

POVRay multi-threaded rendering posts the 1950X completing the workload in 46 seconds, followed by the 7900X 4.5GHz OC CPU at 51 seconds. The render time increase is 11% here, and is followed next by the stock 1920X CPU. For perspective, our highest-scoring R7 CPU completes the work in 76 seconds multi-threaded, for a render time increase of 64% from the 1950X stock CPU.

13 threadripper povray 1t

Here’s the single-threaded version of this test. It’s clear as day that Intel still holds a significant lead in single-threaded performance, and that’s not changing with this current generation. The 7900X stock CPU completes the 1T workload in 565 seconds, for a 22% time reduction from the 1950X stock CPU. That’s a big jump in Intel’s favor, and also coincides with Intel’s still-stronger performance in other single-thread intensive applications. That’s not news, though: Don’t buy the Ryzen architecture CPUs if you want the strongest possible single-threaded performance or highest IPC. For most folks in the enthusiast content creation audience, though, thread count holds a lot of relevance, and so the Ryzen architecture is completely valid in those use cases.

AMD Threadripper 1950X & 1920X Cinebench vs. 7900X

threadripper cinebench nt 2

threadripper cinebench 1t 2

AMD Threadripper 1950X & 1920X FireStrike

threadripper firestrike physics

In FireStrike, the 7900X chart-tops after an overclock and carries a physics score that’s 6.4% ahead of the closest Threadripper CPU. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise at this point – each CPU is good at different things, and Intel really starts looking better when factoring in overclock headroom. That said, we did track higher or roughly equal performance on Threadripper when the 7900X was left stock.

AMD Threadripper 1950X & 1920X TimeSpy

threadripper timespy cpu

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