Intel i3-8350K Review & Overclocking vs. i5-8400, R5 1600

By Published October 30, 2017 at 5:07 pm


Blender Power Consumption – i3-8350K Test

As a reminder, our power testing is done at the EPS12V cables rather than at the wall, so these numbers are basically CPU power consumption numbers, as measured entering into the board.

The stock i3-8350K consumes about 47W when rendering our Blender scene, putting it within error margins of the overclocked R3 1200 CPU at 3.9GHz, and watts away from the 1300X stock CPU. This also plants the 8350K right around where the previous 7350K was when at 5GHz, but note that the difference in motherboards means we’re not taking VRM loss into account.

i3 8350k power blender

Overclocking the 8350K to 4.8GHz, though using an AVX offset of 2 for Blender, we land at 84W with our 1.375VCore. This puts us near the stock 1600X, and not too distant from the 96W of the stock 8700K.

FireStrike Power Consumption

i3 8350k power firestrike

3DMark’s FireStrike measures the 8350K at 34W, or a 27% higher power consumption than where we measured the R3 1200, with the R3 1300X at 11% higher than the stock 8350K. Overclocking the 8350K to 4.8GHz at 1.375V puts us up to 1600X stock levels of power consumption, and not far from the 8700K stock CPU.

Total War Power Consumption

i3 8350k power tww

Using Total War as a gaming workload, for which we haven’t yet added the R3 CPUs, the i3-8350K consumes about 34W stock, or 71.3W when overclocked. Respectively, that puts us either below everything or between the AMD R5 1600X Stock and i7-7700K at 1.39VCore, with the overclocked 8700K reasonably more power hungry at 82W.

Prime95 29.2 8K FFT Power Benchmark

i3 8350k power prime

Prime95 29.2 with 8K FFTs provides a taxing AVX workload, creating a range of 38W to 590W, depending on voltage and CPU. The i3-8350K predictably falls closer to the low-end, at 65W stock, which lands it as nearby the overclocked R3 CPUs and below the i5-8400 or stock R5 CPUs. Overclocking demands 111W, keeping the same stack we saw earlier.

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