Cooler Master Confirmed to Provide Fury X Liquid Cooling Solution

By Published June 19, 2015 at 8:34 pm

Listed on AMD's official R9 Fury X documentation is the liquid cooling solution. The PDF indicates that Cooler Master is slated to provide AMD's Fury X CLC, marked by part number “DCV-01647-A1-HF” in the document.

Cooler Master recently lost a lawsuit with CLC supplier Asetek, where a jury ruled that Cooler Master would owe Asetek a 14.5% royalty on all Seidon AIO coolers sold. We are yet unsure if the Fury X stock CLC will be subject to the same legal agreements as the Seidon AIO units.

Frankly, whether or not the cooler is licensed from Asetek is largely irrelevant to the consumer; what is interesting, though, is the distribution of AMD's coolers throughout their Fury lineup. Initial rumors indicated that multiple cooling brackets would exist for the new cards, but no further evidence has presented itself that this is the case. As it stands now, it appears that Cooler Master is the only confirmed manufacturer shipping a CLC for AMD's new graphics cards.

In the event that multiple CLCs ship with the cards, it would be a reasonable expectation that thermals recorded will be non-linear metrics resultant of the varied CLC suppliers involved. CLC tubing and coolant can also impact the longevity of the video card before user modifications are required. Higher evaporation and absorption rates are the primary contributor to expiration of CLCs.

None of this is inherently bad nor is it a knock on AMD – it's just business sense to try and find the cheapest best-fit solutions for a product. Our point here is that, first and foremost, it appears Cooler Master will be the sole CLC manufacturer. We have not heard from Asetek about its promised AMD solution since the initial press release, nor has official word emerged of a CoolIT unit. If multiple CLCs were to ship on AMD devices, CLCs would not be comparable between the numerous cards in the stack; if a review praises one CLC, it would be safe for a consumer not to assume that all CLCs in the stack reflect the same level of performance. We would encourage card-specific research for each device as they roll-out, with no assumptions made of cooling potential from one device to another.

From the documentation:

"The liquid cooling solution for the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X graphics card is a thirdparty solution that is provided by Cooler Master Co., Ltd. More information about the unit can be obtained through Cooler Master using a Cooler Master part number of DCV-01647-A1-HF."

- Steve “Lelldorianx” Burke.

Last modified on June 19, 2015 at 8:34 pm
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