PC games demo for Legend of Vraz released

By zatun_jai Published January 21, 2010 at 4:57 am
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We are pleased to announce the demo for our PC game title “The Legend of Vraz”. It is also the first Indian arcade game to be released and probably one of the first games made with Microsoft XNA framework.

The Legend of Vraz is a 2D action packed adventure arcade game for Windows PC. It features hours and hours of fun filled exciting gameplay amidst fantasy worlds created with stunning hand painted 2D art and inhabited by mesmerizing characters. It is playable by audiences of all ages and its unique style will appeal to hardcore, causal and even new gamers.

If you have played the original Prince of Persia, love retro /amiga-esque graphics or wish to experience a gameplay experience like never before then this game is for you. Ever wondered what would happen if Mario and Prince of Persia met India. Well you can find out now!

Taking a break from the time-constraint demos and releasing demos the same day as the game, the Legend of Vraz is a shareware demo and is available 2 weeks before the release of the game.

The game will be releasing on January 28, 2010 and is available for pre-order at the moment.

Further information, screenshots and the free demo can be found on the official webpage: http://www.zatungames.com

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