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By Published June 06, 2010 at 2:28 pm
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Yesterday your favorite site admin came up to me.  Well, actually, he messaged me on steam chat.   The conversation went something like this:

"Hi Space_man!" he said.

"Hi site admin Lelldorianx" I said.  "How are you doing?

He replied, "The blog on my website isn't working properly.  Could you help me troubleshoot it Space_man?"

"Ok site admin Lelldorianx" I answered.

Subsequently troubleshooting took place and the blog was fixed.

"Wow, you fixed it site admin Lelldorianx!" I said.  "Maybe I should make a blog now!"

"Yes, Space_man, commence blogging" he replied.

"Ok" I said.  "But what should I blog about?"

"EVERUTHING IN UNIVERSE" he replied.  And he was right.




This blog will indeed be about EVERUTHING, with an emphasis on gaming and perhaps programming, when I feel like it.

On that note, I will write about games.  From the very start of this year, I suddenly found myself with a ridiculous amount of games to play, both new and old, mostly thanks to steam sales.  A quick glance at my steam library shows about 20 games which I have not installed/ completed/ multiplayered.  Good old games reveals 9 more.  That's not counting games like Planescape: Torment which I picked up upon realizing it had been re-released, having heard it is awesome (Yes.  It is).  Not to mention that these numbers are constantly growing.  Do the math, and you realize if I want to get through all of these this summer I have about 3 days per game - and a lot of them are long games.  I am, in fact, overwhelmed.

Finally, for everyone reading this, I have a request.  You may be aware that there are forums on this website.  Recently they have not been particularly active, except in one section.  Yes, it seems we are all being pwned by a bunch of Dragon Age modders (no offense to the Dragon Age modders, they are awesome).  This has gone on long enough!  Rise, my minions, and reclaim the forums!  We shall at least equal their daily post count in a week!  Go now, and do my bidding!  As added incentive, I recently changed my QOTW (that's quote of the week, if you weren't sure since I only update it about every five months).  What could it be?  You'll have to visit the forums - and post - to find out! (Hint: It is from Paul and Storm.  And it is awesome.)

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