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By Published June 11, 2010 at 1:53 pm
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(Or: The Sun is Very Dark: Tale of a D&D N00bie)

A couple years ago, I became interested in playing dungeons and dragons.  There were a few reasons for this, perhaps the first was Site Admin Lelldorianx - sorry, can't keep typing that -  STEVE talking about playing D&D each week.  When Wizards of the Coast released the Penny Arcade D&D podcasts (RIP Aofel) my interest peaked.  Without ever having played, I was missing a key part of being a gamer.  As a result, last summer I played my first D&D encounter online with Steve as the DM.  It was a simple encounter without much story, a kobold ambush, but it was definitely fun, and lasted long into the night.  He promised a full campaign, but the summer ended, and neither of us had the time.




This year, things have begun to change with WotC's D&D encounters program.  Five weeks ago I joined 2/3 of the way through the first season of weekly encounters in Undermountain.  The first 2 weeks I died.  I blame this partly on the fact that we were fighting a beholder at level 1.  Disappointed that my rogue got killed by a room full of mushrooms, but not discouraged, I came back for the final 2 weeks and successfully slaughtered skeletons and spiders while staying much less slayed.

Huenn, Dead Rogue

While it was fun, joining halfway through does not work well for understanding the storyline, limited though it was.  This week, however, was the start of a new season of encounters in the Dark Sun campaign setting.  After joking about WotC being unable to count the horns on a tiefling's head, the atmosphere became tense as we fought for our lives to escape the wreckage of our caravan with as many supplies as possible.  We escaped, scarred, just as additional hordes of monsters came to scavenge the debris.

What is next?  My chances of finding a real D&D group have definitely increased significantly.  And it's summer again, which means that Steve can finally make his DoP GN D&D campaign.  Especially if I make a macro to message him on Xfire about it every 10 minutes.

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