Let's start off with a little Olaf.

By Published June 13, 2010 at 3:26 pm
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Welcome, to my blog. TinyDancer here bringing you all the latest things that run through my head.

Artwise I've been fiddling more with the UDK and Maya then normal lately, trying to find someone to help something with on this seeing as I'm sorta just a lost little child in the vast expanse that is these two awesome tools.

League of Legends wise (from here on out it will be called LoL) I've been trying to decide if Olaf is worth my hard earned 3150 IP. Sure he's pretty awesome throwing axes and going Ragnorak and everything, but isn't he just a hybrid between Mundo and Trynd? Any thoughts on this leave um' and I might take your word on it.

Always looking for people to play with that arn't just completely terrible (Damn you solo queue!) If you just want to play or are looking for a challenge look me up on LoL : ShinGimmel. Just don't waste my time.

-Till I feel like writing another one of these TinyDancer out.

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