Damned Solo Queue

By Published June 14, 2010 at 12:14 pm
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I hate solo queue. It's that simple. You're Doing good and then all of the sudden and then the fabulous solo queue decides to stick you with people who try to go dps Taric or something equally (and probably moreso) ridiculous. I'm on about my fourth loss in a row here thanks to just awful teammates. This isn't even an excuse "oh my team's bad" this is genuine non-skilled players who have 1000 wins so they rank up with me through some flawed logic. Riot comon fix these solo queues or at least don't put me in games with people I've previously ignored. If I've ignored them there is a reason. Don't just queue me up with them again for the next game. I understand why queue dodging still exists. -Rage over. TinyDancer out.

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