The Great Esteam-giveaway

By Published June 26, 2010 at 4:05 pm
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Alright; so if yall haven't seen the summer sale's Steam has been putting on I don't know what you've been doing. This is a gaming site after all; if all you use the internet for is youtube go away and never come back to this site. Gamers know what Steam is, so you should be checking it. Personally I've hit a roadblock in what to spend money on. I'm very fickle about how much money I pump into things and between All Points Bulletin opening up today and all these steam sales and the new World Cup skins on LoL I've been torn every which way.
Let's start off with League. I've been dominating some Akali lately and that's all well and good. Can't wait for the new bug guy to be free gotta give him a try, mostly since I decided to skip Olaf entirely. It seems to be my elo is such that I'm either placed with a decent team and we win or a god awful team and we loose. Not sure what to do about that one. That's about all in the world of League except for the unreleased Ryze Uncle Sam skin and the Statue of Karthas; those are gonna be shibby, look out for their releases.
Now onto All Points. I want this game. I'm not going to lie. However; I don't remember the last time I paid 50 human United States dollars of cash for one. That's a lot of dollars of cash. Now the idea of social district being free does make me happy, I'll only have to purchase more action district slots, but it's that initial investment. I think we should have a giveaway for it; and I should win said giveaway and then contract my skills in creating things out to our clan to fund my points to buy 10 more hours of action district at a time. THINK OF IT *cough* Steve *cough* I could be the site's personal designer/pimper for the limited price of one giveaway!

That is all.

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